24 Apr 2017

#249 Book Review

PhD – the messy desk

Author: Prakash Hegade

Genre: Non-fiction

Pages: 16 (E-book)

Publication: Smashword Edition

Rating: 4.5/5 (Self)

Review: This book is about the experience of a researcher who is on a journey of attaining a doctorate and narrates about the pros and cons of it. Unlike most of the novels, it lacks index as the chapters get unfolded in the most epic way. With PhD, begins a saga of madness both in personal and professional life because of the length of duration of the course.

The book opens up with a note about its organisation. It is divided into two sections: Part A; about the non-technical details and Part B; about the technical intricacies.

PhD has been acronymed as Permanent Head Damage by the author because of the complexities involved in it. It’s not just a decision to obtain a higher degree rather it’s like going for a chance to transform one’s life in many ways.

The reason for numbering the chapters from 101 is that many things have been left to be added in future. Every chapter has got a very attractive starting line associated with the topic of the chapter.

Part A has got following chapters:
101. The initiate
102. The journey
103. The Guide
104. The Community
105. Art of story telling
106. The Shitty Mess
107. The motivation

Part B has got following chapters:
108. The Plans
109. The research phases
110. The rest
 Concluding Thoughts

My Experience: This short non-fiction novel based on the life of a researcher on his journey of attaining PhD comes to me out of blue but at the much needed time. What prompted me to read it is the length of the novel which is of 16 pages long and related to the field I’m currently into i.e higher education. Even though the actual technical field is different yet I can connect to every point mentioned here. Thanks to the author to put his views honestly about pursuing PhD and “not giving up” is the strongest message of the hour for me. I like the concept of initiating every chapter with a sentence defining the crux of it.

Overall, the novel gives an insight to the world of research in brief and acts as a guide for those planning to pursue PhD in future.

Swati Sarangi



  1. You made my day. Such a co-incidence! It's today I made the release of first version of research implementation.

    You have pen down this review so elegantly. I was smiling 32 tooth out. This means a lot to me. Thank you so much. :-)

    I am glad to know that you can relate to it. All the best and success to your research journey.

    1. Even I was going through one of the posts of your blog. It's really inspiring to find someone so much inclined to writing and maintaining blog on a regular basis apart from pursuing research work...

    2. That's how the research frustration gets absorbed.. :-D Thank you, yet again.. :-)

    3. Congrats again for the release and it shows that all your hard work have been paid off! I've always been fascinated by the posts of your blog and it was the first book of yours that I've ever read. One of its kind, I must say and very realistic!

      The biggest coincidence is that me and my sister sitting at different places of the country were going through your books and blog posts.. :D Yes, I'll never ever forget to never give up on myself- the most obvious and frequently used quotation that comes to me at the most needed hour through your book.. Thanks a million for that! :D

    4. Thanks a lot. The release has been fun. Research journey motivates a lot of things. I had enjoyed writing this piece.

      My sincere thanks for all the appreciation. I am so glad that it could help in the said ways. Gratitude. :-)