27 Apr 2017

#250 Book Review

 100 Haikus: 3 line poetic stories

Author:  Prakash Hegade

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 56 (E-book)

Publication: Smashword

Rating: 4.8/5 (Self)

Review: This book is a collection of 100 Haikus. Haikus are short poems -a culture of art from Japan, 3 liners describing the depth of emotions briefly. In this book, there is no particular theme on which these have been composed on. Themes vary from philosophies of life, observations, love, emotions, nature and many more.

My Experience: It is the first book on Haiku that I’ve picked up to read and believe me! all haikus are super awesome. Haikus; 3 line poetic stories, indeed! This book did not disappoint me in any way as I could get to read on variety of themes on moving from one page to another. Reading each one is like treat to soul because of the ways the words have been arranged so meaningfully. Haikus are not that easy to compose because of constraints on word limit. Kudos to the author for blending all emotions beautifully with limited words!
Here are some of my favourite Haikus that I would like to mention:
the results you see,
when your thoughts are your sources,
are thoughts turning to things.

Oh! Dear subscriber,
For  the nations magazine,
Be an author

Fiction or real life,
You’ll see that pain and gain,
Rhyme for a reason.

Brain has fantasies
Brain does not know direction.
Brain sure has no brain.

 ©Swati Sarangi



  1. Haiku are fun. They tend to become recurring habit once started.

    You gave a beautiful review to it. Thank you so much for the kind review. I am happy to see your favorites. It feels too good to get this review from an awesome Haiku writer. I mean it. :-)

    Thank you so much. You made my evening bright. :-) 4.8/5 is a motivation to do better! :-)

    1. Yes, I remember how addictive Haiku writing once became for me once( which led to the birth of world-to-words blog in word press). I'm a naive in field of Haiku writing . The rating of mine to your book is genuine one.. :)

    2. :-)

      It was a "happy jump" rating. I did jump too! :-D