19 Nov 2016

#213 From unknown to closer one

From unknown to closer one

“Hi, This is Priya’’. She said with a smile in her face.
‘’Hi, This is Sweta, nice to meet you. Where are you from??” I enquired to know more about her.
“I am from Lucknow. What about you??’’She asked.
“Wow, near my place. I live in Kanpur.’’ I was delighted to hear this.
We exchanged our mobile numbers.
This was a short conversation between me and my roommate that day.

Next day I returned to my room with my luggage and accessories.
It was a pure coincidence to share a room with a first year MTech student from same state.

We were completely strangers then but later she turned out to be a ‘jug’ in my life. She is the one who holds a closest spot in my heart.
Our friendship started the day I occupied a room in Opal Hostel. Her smile and attitude drew me towards her. We gossiped a lot that day. It was no less than a miracle to find a roommate sharing most of the qualities of yours. The famous proverb hit my mind that day, ‘Like attracts like’ which was quite apt for the situation.

I am overwhelmed to find a roommate who is a ‘talking queen’ because I am considered as a chatter box in my family. We never go out of topics while taking with each other. Our gossips would start from childhood memories to end with trending news of institute. We share a common hobby of sleeping. She accompanies me in this too. In our leisure hours, we sing Bollywood songs together. When we forget the lyrics of the song, we browse from the internet but we continue singing that for long. Some of the songs have become our "room anthem’’ also. I am also amazed the way she learned an odiya song properly in a short period of time.  

Our friendship grew day by day. Moreover, I discovered myself through her.

We have been together for few months only but I feel as if we know each other from a long time.  There is a kind of special bond between us which is above the level of friendship. With her I can share my secrets, insecurities, anxieties and pleasures without having a second thought. There have been numerous instances when I found solace in talking with her. She is never impatient to hear my words. She is a kind of helpline during my tough times.

I find the following qualities of her quite attractive---
1.     Helping- She is always ready to help people. When someone asks her for some help, she never denies. I consider her as my alarm. It is her duty to wake me up from sleep most of the time.
2.     Caring-She plays a multiple roles by being a sister to mother and grandmother. One day I was suffering from fever. At night, my body temperature had risen up.  I was shivering a lot.  She woke up from her sleep to cover me with a shawl and moved her healing hands over my head gently. She played the role of my mother that night by being  by my side. This act of her touched my heart.
3.     Genuine- She is very genuine. By genuine, I mean that she never pretends to be someone else.  I find this quality of her to be superior among all other qualities.
4.     Care free- She is a kind of girl who takes no tension. Rather she insists others to be tension-less. I have never found her repenting for something.
5.     Friendly- She is too friendly with everyone. Wishing everyone good morning every day to everyone in the wing of my hostel proves so.  She invites everyone to mess for dinner. That’s why she is famous among all the residents of hostel starting from B.Tech first years to PhD Seniors.

She always motivates me whenever I feel low. She never leaves a reason to tease me. She is the one who is always there to laugh over my silly jokes, question my points, read my stories, experiment with my hairstyles and dance with me on a song. My happiness gets doubled and worries get dissolved by being with her. I am blessed to have her in my life who not only makes me laugh in tough times but also lend a helping hand during the time of need. This is the essence of a true friendship. 

I wish that our friendship continue forever.

Sweta Sarangi
am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

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