6 Nov 2016

#205 A letter to Zindagi


Dear Zindagi,
 I love every aspect of sweet memories provided by you. I don’t remember when I embraced you. But I remember most of the mischief done by me in my childhood days.  Yes, you were the reason for my existence. It can be hardly expressed by words. At the same time, I am thrilled to write that you had gifted me a sweet companion and she is none other than my twin sister. I am lucky enough to have spent most of my wonderful days with her. Those days of togetherness will always be cherished for life time.

Coming to school days, I had always been an active participant of many co-curricular activities. I used to enjoy my role as a prayer leader; initiating a prayer by singing in rhythm with other classmates at stage every morning. This is a most common ritual performed in every school. In KV, we had a formal session in morning assembly. Four students from different houses had to conduct the morning assembly according to the turn of the house. This assembly would comprise of thought, news and special item in English, Hindi or Sanskrit according to days. There used to be regular meetings of the houses in order to keep record of the active participation of students as well inform them about the upcoming events.

I can very well recall the incident when I was compelled to participate in one of the Hindi poetry recitation competitions. This all happened because the student who had already submitted his name in the competition, withdrew it one day before. Unfortunately, the teacher who was in-charge of this event was my Hindi teacher. Without taking my consent, she wrote my name in the list of participants. I had no reason to deny because I had to be present in morning assembly being a prayer leader. The competition was scheduled to begin the very next day. I narrated this case to my mom, who ignored it by saying that ‘’you have never participated in such kind of activities, why don’t you give a try.’’ Now, I had no option left other than to search for a good Hindi ‘’Desh Bhakti Kavita’’. I got a very good Hindi Kavita book from my best friend and started mugging up a poem from that. Now, the biggest challenge was to recite this poem with some expressions. From expression I mean, variations in tone to give special effect and touch to this poem.

The next day was the day of performance. We had 8 participants from four houses in the battle field. My Hindi teacher reminded me to recite it with confidence and loudness in voice so that it could influence a larger audience and impress the esteemed judges. My name was announced from the stage, I gathered courage and stepped forward. I held my breath for few minutes and recited,
वही है सच्चा देश भक्त जो बलिदान देश का होता है
जिसको करके याद देश का बच्चा-बच्चा रोता है
जिसकी चिर समधी पर हम सब श्रद्दा सुमन चढ़ाते हैं
जिसके पावन जन्म दिवस पर मिल त्योहार मनाते है
ऐसा देशभक्त बलिदान, बीज कीर्ति के बोत है
वही है सच्चा देश भक्त जो बलिदान देश का होता है     

I was contented that I recited all the lines without taking much pause. It was spontaneous and loud enough as told by one of my classmates. The poems recited by others were also very effective.  In the end, result was announced and I was shocked to find that I had grabbed second position! 

You had presented many unexpected glories. I am blessed that I had given many such opportunities by you. And later on, those turned out to be in my favour.

You are the only one who introduced me to this world. You have gifted me many genuine friends. You are a carrier of fortune and happiness.
I am grateful to you, Zindagi for being by my side every time.

With love,
Sweta Sarangi


“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.”


  1. Life is very intriguing in every aspects. I loved your letter. Enjoyed reading it. Cheers.

  2. Life always give you surprises and it depends on us how to react on to the surprises to stay happy. Lovely reading!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thought and welcome to our blog.