6 Nov 2016

#206 A letter to Zindagi

A letter to life

Dear Zindagi,

What a wonderful companion you turn out to be! Thanks for everything that you offered or snatched away from me which made me realize the worth of every little thing that I've come across.

I started to receive blessings of my life since the day I landed on my mother’s hand and surprisingly I was not alone! I was accompanied by a sweet little angel in form of my twin little sister who happened to be 12 minutes younger to me. So, you handed the responsibility of an elder sister over my shoulder the very -first- 12-minutes of my life. Then my childhood was spent in a joint family in Bhubaneswar with many supervisors who at times made me very pampered. Being the first child of a big Indian family, I was the apple of everyone’s eye. All my needs were always met without any fail or delay. You put me in an intellectual family whose values were very strong and I received all needed support and care from family members. I was always surrounded by my friends in my family which included my grandparents, uncles, aunts and parents who took a keen interest in my activities by always encouraging me. I was enrolled in a very religious Hindu-school who implanted the seed of spiritualism from the early stage of my life. I learned to recite Sanskrit Shlokas and play with numbers. My talents were very well nurtured and groomed.  My mother’s birthplace Puri, happened to be a place of get-together of all my cousins during vacations. Memories of staging plays with my cousins are still alive.

You gave me an opportunity to complete my secondary education at Kanpur where I grew to be a very matured and disciplined girl. Knowing about my reticent nature, you introduced me to the world of words, numbers, colours and melody who became my virtual companions very soon. I have started to enjoy their company without expecting much from the surrounding. How penning down feelings over a piece of paper acts as a medium of introspection- you taught me that very well. The kind of people I came across left an indelible print in my mind. You fostered my spirit of competition in a positive way by keeping me away from the poisonous feeling of jealousy. Equal treatment of us (sisters) by my parents never let even a dint of jealousy to flourish. You presented me a set of exemplary persons whom I stated to consider as my teachers and a set of friends for life. I can never forget to recall the wonderful trips I made to the cities of Allahabad, Mathura,Vrindavan,Jaipur,Khajuraho,Agra,Lucknow, Pantnagar,Nainitaal,Jammu

So, my education revolved around cities like Bhubaneswar, Kanpur, Sarang (Talcher),Hyderabad ,Indore(and continuing). I got an opportunity to come across people of different states, languages, cultures and religions because of it. You’ve made me appreciate the beauty within yourself. You’re the embodiment of all emotions- the storehouse of all experiences.

How wisely you have made me realise that the little sacrifice like staying away from home for a bigger purpose of life is nothing as compared to the countless sacrifices made by my parents for me! You have taught me to be brave and develop a never-give-up attitude no matter how hard the situations turn out to be. Now, I’ve developed the patience of going through the struggling phase of my life. Thanks for surprising me with those wonderful rewarding experiences during the time of disappointment. Thanks for believing in the uniqueness of my existence.

Last but not the least, I have no words to express my gratitude for you for having silently taught  me different experiences of joys,tears, ,success,failures,hopes,disappointments. 

Thanks Zindagi! 

I could have never asked you for anything more!

With love
Swati Sarangi

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