9 Nov 2016

#207 When God mixes in life

When God mixes in life

When God mixes in life
Ecstasy with adversities
Handful of adventures
With the events of tortures
Moments of success
With a series of failures
A set of trust worthy friends
With double faced traitors
The feeling of being accepted
With the stark reality of being rejected
The feeling of being on top
With the height of being flopped

Then comes the real enjoyment
Of life’s every moment
Where there’s no scope
Of any kind of judgement
Where everyone experiences
By learning each minute

These all develop maturity
Giving perception a clarity
Just to remind us that
God is a necessity.

P.S: My Entry For The GOD Father Contest
Write a poem of about 14-25 lines in English.
Starting with the line: "When God mixes in my life"
Ending with the line: "God is a necessity"

Swati Sarangi

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