11 Aug 2016

#141 The first real love story I watched unfold

The first real love story that I watched unfold

Love is such a special feeling of being acknowledged by the partner. Love is immortal and pure. It has been very aptly said that when you love someone through your heart out, you don’t need to chase that person in reality. She/he gets pulled to you automatically. There is some kind of magnetic pull in it. This is what happens exactly in the love story which I am going to describe.  This is the first real love story that I have watched unfold.

Neelima is a girl who is carefree and friendly. She molds herself to any situation spontaneously. In reality, she is a friend of mine who is quite talkative and gets mingled with everyone quite easily.

Raj is a guy who is very reserved and opposite of Priya but becomes friendly after few interactions. How was it possible for them to be in a relationship and how did love groom among them? That’s what the whole story is about.

After completing 12th standard, my friend Neelima decided to pursue her career in Mining. She broke all prevalent prejudices by choosing her career in Mining which was thought to be a field of study for boys only. By being the only girl in her class, she became a topic of discussion and center of attraction for everyone. Everything was in its pace until the first year of engineering. Commencement of second-year unfolded many opportunities and excitements for her. She was completely unaware of the fact that someone special was going to enter into her life.  This was the year in which Raj got admission in her college in the same department. Neelima was the one who started talking with him casually like everybody. By being a shy person, he used to avoid her as much as possible. One day Raj was waiting for the bus at bus stop inside the college campus. Then his eyes fell on Neelima who had already occupied a seat near the window. Suddenly he turned back and did not board the bus with a fear that Neelima would talk with him in public so openly which would embarrass him.

One day Raj messaged Neelima regarding lab record. She agreed to give him lab record. By this way, they started messaging each other for some work. Raj used to send her funny messages and Neelima would love to read those. They started sharing their feelings and spent many hours texting each other.  During industrial training, they went to different locations. This made them realize the need for each other in life. They started missing each other but didn’t express till then. After returning from training, Neelima could not resist herself from expressing her love to Raj. She proposed him the best ever way by saying that, “You know what, there is some connection between us and we should remain in each other’s life forever.” And this is how a love story proceeds.

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Sweta Sarangi


  1. I wish you hadn't stopped there after grabbing all my attention! I love it :)