26 Nov 2015

#114 That Connection

That Connection

One of the scary experiences associated with college life is ragging. When you enter into engineering sphere to experience a new phase of life at hostel, this is the first thing that you are going to face apart from other problems. I had many unpleasant experiences associated with ragging during my first year in name of a long list of rules (do’s and don’ts) but those experiences are past now and painful or unpleasant experiences don’t occupy one’s memory (luckilyJ). They fade away easily. It’s only some memorable experiences that get recalled unconsciously or subconsciously. The bright side of the custom of ragging (provided those activities are not so intense to suppress the fundamental rights  of an individual ) is that it teaches one to be brave enough to stand for what is right and just not follow everything blindly. It also teaches one to trust himself during difficult conflicting situations.

The ragging experience taught me never to repeat unreasonable things with juniors. How can one behave the way he/she does not want himself to be behaved? I’m going to narrate an incident which left an unwashable imprint in my mind. As per the custom, we (few 2nd year girls) took an interactive session with the newly arrived Freshers at hostel to make them acquainted with do’s and don’ts of the hostel. Due to some minor problems in accommodation, few girls stayed in a nearby residence and we were asked to fetch them for dinner (to our hostel). They were more in numbers and we were only few. So, the ultimate option was to order them to form a queue. While I was standing near the starting of the queue, a girl approached me. She was very cute and short in height.
Girl: I want to make a request, Ma’am.
Every fresher was supposed to address seniors as ma’am untill Fresher’s party.
Me: Yes, continue.
Girl: Ma’am, will you mind if I say something to you?
Me: Of course not. You may continue.
Girl: I’m not feeling well today. So, please don’t rag me. I’ve never stayed away from my parents even for a moment. That may be the reason why I’m feeling so down now. Once I get over my illness, you can rag me then.

I got very touched by the lines she spoke. For a moment, I was speechless and did not know how to react even. I wished I had spoken the way she spoke when I was in first year. Frankly speaking, I’ve always been very much careful and cautious about the sentiments of my fellow beings. Her words made me even more cautious of my words and actions. I felt very very connected to her- an unfamiliar yet familiar connection.
Me: Don’t make me emotional at this moment. You can never be ragged, don’t worry. In fact, you’re too cute to be ragged. We are not here to make you feel miserable. Since you’re standing at the beginning of the queue, you must prepare to move now. I’m very hungry and can’t wait for more time. J
I tried to lighten the situation.

Swati Sarangi 


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