26 Nov 2015

#116 To a friend

 Birthday Wishes 

It was the chase of goal
That brought us closer
A slowly developing relation
To be treasured forever

Your arrival stirred me
Up from a recent solitude
All moments and days spent
Together, demanded gratitude.

Someone more than a friend
A sister in disguise
Sometimes immature but wise
Possessing all virtues inside

What makes me wonder
About your nature
Contrasting- strong and tender
May you move forever.

I can’t forget those innumerous
Moments of fun and laughter
The world of art and music
Made us enrapt, so severe.

I’ve always enjoyed your company
Sophisticated philosophies, some funny
Weird mash-ups and recordings
Since the first day of joining.

A rare combination of
Beauty with brain
Embodiment of all talent
Go ahead and face all torrents.

Thank you for offering all helps
For being there whenever I needed
It wouldn’t have been easy for me
For facing the difficult time.

I want to make few suggestions
Always follow your instincts and reasons
Never run away from the challenges,
As they’re required for the changes.

May you get all success in days to come
I wish and pray on your birthday
May you shine like a star
To lighten this world.

With best wishes…..
Swati Sarangi


  1. Beautiful Birthday Wish. Your friend is very lucky! :)

    1. Ha ha, yes, she is definitely a lucky girl.. :P Anyways, thanks for reading and dropping by.. :)