1 Jun 2015

#105 Still miss you

Still miss you

Grandparents – an integral part of life. Being the most experienced members of the family, they guide their children and grandchildren in a better way. The relationship of grandparents with their grandchildren is incredible which can be merely expressed on a piece of paper. They shower their unconditional love and care. For them, their grandchildren are apple of their eyes. They cannot even think of parting their grandchildren. Such is their love and support.  

The love of my grandpa for me was unparalleled. It’s been a couple of years now that my grandpa had left this materialistic world. Last I met my grandpa when I was in standard fifth but  was quite unfortunate by not being in his side when he was sick. I still think that maybe I was destined to be with him for few years only. The plans of destiny can’t be modified. But I can only wish that I may find him in future births.

He was the happiest person in the world when he found me on his lap, as a baby girl, stretching my arms and legs and crying  aloud. I was not the single child but  was gifted with a twin sister . So, he not only found me but also my sister at the same time. He would bring all kinds of toys from shops and put those in front of us. He made me walk slowly by making his fingers a support for me. Sometimes, his legs would serve the purpose.

I still remember his self created stories to light up my mood and self made characters to fit well into the story. Some characters were too hilarious. Most of the times he would like to put ghosts into the stories to frighten me whenever I was not in favour of eating my lunch or dinner.

I got admitted to a primary school and that was the day when he was very worried whether I would be able to stay there for a long duration of time. From that day on wards, he would eagerly wait for my arrival from school. I would never stop narrating my incidences.  This had become a daily routine for him. In holidays, I used to sit on his lap and learned the tables of mathematics.  In the end, I would have to answer his questions related to basic operations in mathematics. He always motivated me to participate in extracurricular activities organized in school.

I can’t count how many times I had vomited on him as an infant. He would never mind me doing so. He would always embrace me and pamper me irrespective of my mischief.  Celebrating festivals with him was indeed a great experience.

There are infinite reasons why I miss him. For me grandpa was a great source of knowledge and happiness. Still all the festivals and functions remind me of his presence. I feel that it would have been better if he would have stayed with us for more years. Then I would have been able to share some of my moments with him.

In the end I would like to write that “Grandpa, you are the most influential person I have ever met in my life. I just pray that may you be there with me always.”

You are among the stars,
Indeed very far and far
My vision can’t reach there
But can be sensed by my heart.

Sweta Sarangi

This post is written for indispire 67 for indiblogger: What do you miss most about people who are no longer in your life or have stopped being someone important? #Missme

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