1 May 2014

#62 Angilika


Who’s actually an angel, I wondered
Very hard I pondered
I wish I could just see,
Sing and dance gleefully.

I know that she is
God’s greatest gift (for me)
To guide me to sail with
The life’s terrible drift.

An inseparable shadow
Devoid of even a tiniest ado
A moment without her
Is like a sea without its shore.

She’s governed by heart’s audacity
Can shoo away all calamities
Without being judgmental
She enjoys the life thoroughly.

Very pensive is she
For me an idealist
Or a philanthropist
Of her own kind.

Lucky I’m for possessing you
I never ever searched for any companion.
Since my birth, being with you
 Is like a dream come true.

I feel too blessed
To be under God’s grace
A tie with my sis
Is the divine bliss.

A gift of humble words
To Angilika
I pray for (your) all success and happiness
With a toast I raise….

Edit: Dedicated to my sister on a special occasion..

Swati Sarangi


  1. The words are so lovely and so is the image.

  2. Lovely poetry! You got loads of talent.. Writing poetry isn't a simple thing!! Kudos!