17 Sep 2013

#22 Sad songs make us feel happy


Music is a form of art. Listening to music makes us feel relaxed and refreshed….. Most of the times it depends on the selection of the song, whether they make us feel pathetic or energetic……In reality it’s not always so.
We have got a misconception about the fact that the sad songs would make us feel gloomy and miserable.
You will be amazed to know that it is a myth. And How??? Let me explain….
A case study found that minor key music sounded sadder  than  major key music to people, but  they have more affinity towards it….
In an another study of 44 people , participants listened to one of three lesser-known classical pieces--to avoid emotional influence from memories connected to hearing the piece before--in both a major and minor key. Researchers asked them to pinpoint the feelings they experienced while listening to the music, as well as predict what kind of emotions they perceived other people would experience while listening to the song. Participants did not consider the sad music as tragic as it was thought to be , the researchers write:

“The listeners felt less gloomy, meditative, and miserable as well as more fascinated, merry, animated, and inclined to dance when they listened to sad music compared with their actual perceptions of the same music”. The reason behind feeling so could be a phenomenon called “sweet anticipation”. Even if the listeners experience sad feelings but the sweet anticipation allows them to feel happy.

From this it can be concluded that the feeling of being sad is not always the result of the situation but listening to someone singing his /her sadness is a sensational experience because this emotion is not effecting our well-being…..

BY_Sweta Sarangi


  1. Good piece of work. Carry on your pen running with all your imagination. The incoherent words will find its rhythm and give their full expression and meaning when there is a love for words.


    1. Thanks a lot. These words always inspire me to put my efforts to create something new....

  2. Nice blog. Good choice of words!.
    Very informative .
    Always a delight to read such posts .Look forward to more of such posts in future :)
    (just wondering out of inquisitiveness, whether the differences of emotions for the same song played on different keys is because of different set of harmonics the keys produce? :/ )

    1. Songs are composed with the help of both major and minor keys. Generally songs played using minor keys seem to be gloomy and sad but due to the phenomenon called "sweet anticipation", it seems pleasant or you can call it harmonic anticipation.
      Thanks for reading my blog!!