9 Aug 2013

#16 One Sunday morning.......By Sweta Sarangi

One Sunday morning

In one Sunday morning
Peeping through my window screen
I saw clear and crystal sky with
Birds chirping and flying by.

Rising sun radiated vibrant hues,
Rays falling on the sand particles
Imparting an infinite lusture,
Objects surrounding seemed all miracle.

Rays hitting the surface of river
Appeared as a thin film of golden colour
Lord Sun, a dispeller of darkness
And an instant energy spreader.

I was visualizing a world
To be free from any kind of evils
Would that be possible ever?
If positivity gets filled up within us.

With the slow motion of the leaves
With the cold moving breeze
With the nature at its beauty
It made me feel relaxed and cosy.

This serene environment had prompted me
To make my emotions overflow,
And this natural beauty had enabled
My inner thoughts to flow.

Never seen nature with such an instinct
Everything has its own perspective,
Enjoying every moment to the fullest
This is a message and a reality.

This world was totally different
From the world of imagination
Love the way the matter were being placed
Indeed were God’s unique creations.

This scenery was a bread of an eye
With clouds spreading all over of varying sizes,
Clear weather, broadening my view point
Wish this very moment to freeze.

Capturing this whole image in my eye
Don’t know whether this would happen again
Felt obliged to be a spectator
For occupying a top floor room.

Thank God for this perfect start
Always inspired and motivated me along the  way,
Taking a break from the cobwebs of my thoughts
Yeah, for me it was a great Sunday.

Sweta Sarangi

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