22 Apr 2013

#6 Devils of life

Devils of life

Grandpa was being questioned by
His curious grandchildren enquiring

What, where, how, when and why?
Grandpa always had the method
To lower children’s mental load.

This time he would not narrate
Fictious stories which indicate
Some special thoughts or morals
Because for teens, he thought,
Knowledge of art of living was must.

So he must pick instances from
Real life situations to make them
Come out of their world of fantasy
And imagination.

Looking into the eager eyes of children
Grandpa started his tale by asking them
What would they mean by”Devils of Life”.
Puzzled children wondered about its type.

Among the group of size aged from 9-14
A hand rose up after 5 minutes
Of creasing brows and deep silence.
On getting chance, the boy related
It to the enemies of person.

Grandpa quite easily accepted
Children’s perception of connecting
To materialistic world.
That child got appreciated
Because of the answer he provided.

“Devil is destructive in nature.
One who seeks his pleasure in destruction,
In any or all forms of his actions.
Like any ideal story teller, he paused
To check children’s interest in the topic.
Children exclaimed it to be interesting
Because they had never heard
Anything like this before.

Quite contendent with the topic chosen,
Followed by a short pause, then began
Calling negativities of thought and qualities
Such as fear, greed, anger and haste

Very amazed by the noble
Way of presentation
Children now started to listen
With a lot of interest and devotion
So that they do not miss
Even a single word of wisdom.

“How can the qualities be like devil?”
Grandpa’s question thrown.
Not a single lip motioned.
Grandpa-“Very simple to answer!!”
These are internal evils
Without any physical form.

“It works the way exactly like devils
Corroding our abilities day by day.
Do you have anything to say?”
“Ah! We are getting what
You want to convey.”
“Can we ever get rid of these?”

“Of course you can
If you always keep your mind in peace.
Always engage yourself in meaningful works
Lest your life should go in dark.”

“Remember! Karma is above all!!
Pure intentions prevent you from fall.
No ill thoughts for others
And no room for silly gossips
Prepare yourself to face the massive.

Befriend with courage and truth
To win over these.
Forget and forgive should be your notion
To fight with these with strength and caution.

As you sow, so shall you reap.
You get what you do
Because life is a mirror
Live each moment with vigor and not with terror.”

Grandpa’s heart got filled with pleasure
For having been successful
In inculcating the values
In the young minds and
To help them being cheerful.


This is the longest poem I’ve ever composed.

-Swati Sarangi


  1. Swati, yes this is very long poem, try to control its length, same message can be given in few lines. Its a well written poem, god bless you. By the way why do you write SELF COMPOSED POEM. This is community of poets only.

  2. I wanted to write a short story in form of poem giving some message..
    That's the reason why it turned out to be very lengthy at the end..
    Thanks for reading it with patience and commenting.. :)