30 Sep 2018

#366 24 hours

   24 hours

As the sun casts its magical spell
Morning wakes up from slumber
From the dream world to reality
Only demands to work with quality.

With a new hope, I begin my day
Pray to God for all strength to persist
With determination towards my goal
That I have set for the day to achieve.

Each hour defines number of challenges
How to assemble courage and move on
Essence of being successful for long turn
Should be our priority despite of anything.

Everything revolves around 24 hours
What comes in, is what shows up as result
But only with the right attitude to furnish
The abilities within us to a great extent.

24 hours is a universal truth
Same for all kinds of life existing here
Then why to waste its component
When you know that it is limited in no.

24 hours consisting of 86400 seconds
Representing endless opportunities
To grab and move ahead restlessly
What sets apart a winner from looser.

Sweta Sarangi


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