29 Jan 2019

#367 Mother- My motivator

My motivator- My mother

After a gap of about four months, I am here in my arena to fill up the space through my writing. What could be more special to describe the power that motivates and energies you in each and every moment of life? And I feel grateful and blessed to scribble down my thoughts about my mother to come out of writer’s block.

Yes, she is my power booster. I can’t count exactly how many times she has managed to keep my spirit up when I feel down. She is the reason behind my success. She is the one who pushes my hard whenever I find stuck or unable to move. Those phone calls that I used to receive from her at the tough hours always proved to be boon for me. Her unwavering faith on me has always made me believe in “winning is not the ultimate thing, rather than realising the potential to win”. This short description would not suffice to apprise the sacrifices that she has made for me.

Let me strolled down the memory lane of my childhood days. It could have never been a trouble-free time for her to handle both the kids of same age group. Taking care of our needs had always been her priority because we were apple of her eyes. She would have on cloud nine when we both uttered “Bou” (Synonym of mother in Oriya) for the very first time. That day was not too far, when we took admission in nursery. She would have become so desperate to meet us after a span of four hours (that was the total time we spent in nursery in a day in school). Why not? We were separated for her for the first time. But those four hours used to pass like four years for her.  She had developed a keen interest in making us participate in different competitions in school. For her winning had never been a sole aim rather than the desire to participate.  

I did not realise how these childhood days passed like a wink of an eye. I was in distress when I had to shift to hostel to commence another phase of my life.  The very thought of being away from my mother would make me feel pathetic. I was so attached to her that I would have never imagined to stay away from her for long.

Fast forward to present,
I am in my room and felt a strong desire to write something dedicated to my mother. She is a superpower that dragged me near her. My smile always remains intact whenever I meet her. I adore her simplicity and generosity.  

What can I ask more to God when I have discovered his presence in form of my mother.


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