21 Jan 2018

#331 Evion:My companion

 Evion;my companion

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Worried was I for the rate
Of falling of my hair which is
Always treated as the symbol
Of beauty and youthfulness.

Broke down I with the
Shattering of my dream
Of owning Rapunzal’s hair
Incredibly and fascinatingly long

Adding to my woes was the
Degrading charm of my face
Always crowded by a sense of
Anxiety of the problem pre-mentioned

The heavy load of professional work
Sitting hours before the computer
And nights of sleeplessness
Have invited ugly dark circles

Never did I know that it was
The consequence of a
Deficiency of something
As important part of the existence

It took me quite long to
Discover the causes of my trouble
When I made up my mind
To visit a specialist doctor

The doctor very easily tracked
The root of my problems
Perhaps it’s the reason why
They are worshipped as GODs.

The following are the words
That came out of the mouth of
A highly experienced doctor
While inspecting my problems.

“The vitamins aren’t things fancy
Even though their names may seem
Few alphabets they appear as
Yet constituting a vital sphere.

From the symptoms of
Fatigue, muscle pain, pale skin or hairfall
I could deduce the root cause to
 Be missing out of Vit. E

Vit. E is an anti oxidant
Helpful in repairing damaged cells
Maintaining the level of cholesterol
And improving the immunity level

It has advantages uncountable
Like maintain the hormonal balance,
Preventing allergies , urinal infections
Which can’t be neglected.

Take my words seriously
To prevent its further depletion
Your diet must include leafy vegetables
Grains,eggs,nuts and seeds.

The so-called-king of fruits; mango
Too consist of it, broccoli, avocado,
Spinach, tomato ,kiwi
Not to forget almond and hazelnut

Adding to the above list
I must not forget to mention
The supplement for vit. E, Evion
Available in capsule form

Apply the drops of it
With some rose water
On your portion below eye
To bid an adieu to dark circles.

Mix few drops of it
With olive oil to prepare
A serum for your
Skin to shine like a diamond.

Managing an easy and cheap manicure
Is possible with Evion
Collect oil from its ruptured form
And massage it over your nails.

You’ll be surprised to know
How few drops of it mixed
With Aloevera gel can drive away
The problem of skin pigmentation.

Not just the above points
You can get rid of
Unnecessary stretch marks
By applying its oil.

I hope that all these
Benefits of capsule Evion
Will transform you like
The way you’ve dreamt of.”

I’m neither a monk nor
Someone owning or selling a Ferrari
But the prescription of the doctor  
Came to me as the secret of Sivanas

Never did I know it helped
Me in a zillion ways
Few vital drops from its distorted form
Acted as a perfect saviour.

This is the tale of regaining
My lost youthfulness while
Being active and young with the
Help of my companion: Evion.

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P.S :
More about Evion  
Supplements of Evion: Evion 400, Evion Forte, Evion LC
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©Swati Sarangi

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