16 Sep 2017

#293 Stay healthy and fit with Saffola Oil

Stay healthy and fit with Saffola oil

Health is not an option but a priority. We invest money very meticulously, but why
don’t we take a little extra effort to acquire a healthy body? It’s the biggest asset and that’s why health is a synonym for wealth. Being healthy can make you more energetic and focused towards your goal. And an efficient mind resides in a healthy body which is a secret to attaining success. Adopting healthy lifestyle is not that difficult task to perform. Yes, it’s within our reach. All we need to do is to plan daily accordingly we can take out some spare time for doing exercises or joining some classes of Yoga etc.

Below are given some ways to experience a healthy lifestyle-
Ø Wake up early- We all are very well acquainted with this famous quote by Banjamin Franklin, “Early to bed and early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  Waking up early will schedule the day and will make one active.
Ø Exercise daily- Exercise is a key factor to a healthy life. You need to maintain a schedule for a workout. If you are quite busy with your profession, don’t worry. You can carry out small workouts for few minutes also like sitting posture workout, little push-ups if there is ample of space around or leg workouts. There are numerous videos available in youtube. You can watch those or install your virtual trainer through app.
Go for a morning or evening walk for intake of fresh air.
Ø Sleep for 6-8 hours- Sleep is very necessary as it speeds up body mechanisms. After doing a lot of work, the body requires rest so that it will get ready to perform another set of tasks. Don’t neglect it. It will adversely affect your health.
Ø Take your meal properly- Make a proper diet plan. Follow it regularly. Your diet should contain lots of vegetables and proteins. Avoid consuming liquor and junk foods. Try to eat a heavy meal in lunch and lighter in dinner. It will just balance your body. Drink about four litres of water daily. You can have a cup of milk over coffee or tea twice a day.
Ø Spend quality time with your family- It has been revealed from a study that spending a quality time with your family members reduces stress and make you feel satisfied. You experience contentment when you find your voice is heard and respected. You can share your worries freely with them. They act as a stress-buster.  

Saffola oil is designed to meet your healthy lifestyle.
What makes you to choose Saffola Oils among rest?

  • The power of Blended Oils: Multi-seed Technology1 gives you goodness of two oils in one. 
  • Losorb Technology 2 ensures a lower absorption of oil in your food4. 
  • Power of Antioxidants: Saffola oils are enriched with an Antioxidant bundle to enhance the fat quality and to provide optimum nutritional benefits.
  • The Nutri Lock Technology protects the natural goodness of the oil

The ultimate goal of life is to stay fit and enjoy each moment of life fully. As the jingle of Saffola oil tells to take a step, push your body little for workout daily to fill your heart with happiness. Don’t stop, just try a little harder and that’s all.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


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