3 Sep 2017

#289 The misleading judgement

The misleading judgement
What you feel gets inside of you
Which forms the utter version of you
It might not be all what you see
Few things exist beyond your belief.

When you create a perception of others
That’s what your eyes tend to perceive
But what about soul’s vitality
Away from your sense’s credibility

Judging may be the easiest task
Ever you cared others to ask
The struggle they had to undergo
Again and again in their past?

Underlying facts and principles
Never get troubled so easily
By the tremors of unreasonable
Or unfriendly surrounding.

Experiences are the best teachers
One’s experience of life; irreplaceable
What you gain in life never gets lost
In the words of Bhagvad Geeta.

Random scribbling

P.S: Dedicating this poem which I composed in the waiting hall before my turn came up for the interview, to those who are too prompt at choosing the books by their covers.

Edit: The result of the interview came out to be in my favour fortunately!

©Swati Sarangi


  1. By reading your poem, i remembered the poet Osho, he said that"The more experience you have
    THE more mature you became.

    1. Yes, I completely agree with the quotation of Osho. With age comes experience. Thanks for reading my poem and commenting.