16 Sep 2017

#292 A healthy notion

A healthy notion

The pace of world is getting fast day by day and so are the lives of people who constitute it. People from all walks of life are trapped in the busy schedule of their lives. Even toddlers are not spared from this competitive arena. In this fast paced life, we somehow neglect our health and unconsciously develop a lot of health issues. So, it’s very important to keep both body and mind healthy as a sound mind rests in a healthy body.

For this, one needs to keep a watch of the lifestyle which he is leading. It’ll give him enough insight to incorporate some of the healthy changes that will enable him to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a long term. The set of practices that one must follow definitely varies from person to person depending upon his profession.  For example, the habits of students will definitely differ from that of working professionals.

I’m a student now. Certain practices that I follow are written below:
1)    Getting up as early as possible.
2)    Devoting sufficient time for a sound sleep
3)    Following morning rituals which includes a session of prayer, meditation, exercises, walking or playing badminton, repeating  a set of self affirmations
4)    Taking proper diet in right time
5)    Sitting on a posture of Bajrasan for 5 minutes 2 times after lunch and dinner.
6)    In the evening a session of prayer, meditation and exercises
7)    Reading few pages of motivational books after the dinner
8)    Maintaining a diary so pen down my feelings
9)    Night rituals include prayer, planning for the next day in advance, practicing the feeling of being gratitude  and setting up the alarm for an early start for the next day.

It’s equally important to maintain a good mental health.  An idle mind is devil’s workshop. To keep myself up always engaged in some useful activities, I always try to prioritise my schedule. I maintain a pool of hobbies which include reading, writing, singing, painting and pursue them in my spare time. I have chosen a set certain guidelines to myself which always remind me that the entire responsibilities of my life is in my hands and no one  is to be blamed for it. This reduces my ability to be dependent on the surrounding and work consistently in removing my follies. To maintain a peaceful state of mind, I keep myself away from negative feelings that arise from comparing me with the others. Everyone is unique in his own ways.  I try to self discipline myself through consistent practice of certain activities.

Practice makes a man perfect. To achieve something, we have to carry those practices required to achieve the goal tirelessly till its accomplishment. I feel that the above mentioned ideas are productive enough to be considered as notions for a healthy lifestyle.
I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

©Swati Sarangi

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