28 Jan 2014

#46 Flashback


This is my first poem of 2k14.. Thanks to SOLE(Society of Literary Enthusiasts) of IGIT,Sarang and Anweshan for giving me a topic to scribble down something. For last so many days, I’ve been searching for a topic to write something and I’m happy about the fact that I did write SOMETHING during 1hour of poetry competition. Participants were supposed to compose on a picture flashed on the screen. After the passage of 1 hour, this is what I ended with…..

Pensive I stood at the bank of river
In the water my image quivered
For it flowed so unsteadily
Carrying many things with it rapidly.

I felt nostalgic
As it pulled me back to those days
When I played frantically(as a child)
With those self made clay toys.

I learned to swim along its flow
And my imagination grew manifold.
As far as I recall, I befriended
So many aquatic creatures.

The older I grew
More fascinated I felt about its view.
The serenity of the ambiance was
No less than an enlightening fact.

I remember to have missed
Innumerous classes of tuition during evening
Just because to get absorbed
In that melodious and divine tuning.

Like that transparent water
Time happened to pass further
I entered into adolescence
With ever growing nuisances.

As I embraced adulthood
I got transformed into a writer
It sheltered my ideas and emotions
Which very well pacified my mind’s commotions.

Its substances-my motivation
Lent wings to every bit of my imagination
Ignited my fallen out passion
And boosted up my dedication.

I’m now back to the same place
Everything has changed
With passage of many years
But it stays the same, I clear.

I introspect for a while
As well as reflect(upon)
To establish a relationship
Between life and the lifeless river.

Life is no different from
That flowing river
And we ,human beings-the creatures
Trapped in its endless flow.

Swati Sarangi

Edit: This poem helped me grab first prize in Poetry competition.. Result declared on 12.03.2014 in Resplenda 2K14(Annual Function of IGIT,Sarang).. :)