22 Oct 2016

#196 Can I be a rose?

Can I be a rose?

Can I be a rose
In the world
Full of thorns?
Why should I 
Not glow
In the world of
Highs and lows?
To spread out
My vibrant scent
An enchanting appearance
Metaphorizing effervescence
My smooth petals
Radiating a glance
Of beauty so divine
In form of colours
Oh! How can my
Role be forgot!
An embodiment of love
A sign of proposal
Of a feeling eternal
When soft wind blows
I want to sway
Along its flow

I believe that I
Can be a rose
Entitling a poetry or prose
That’s when I think
Yes, when I speak.

P.S: This poem has been an entry to a competition held on International Day of girl child having the guideline to start the poem with ‘Can I be a rose’ with the concluding line as ‘When I speak’

©Swati  Sarangi

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