14 Jun 2015

#108 A glowing skin

A Glowing Skin

Courtesy: bliss.com

Rita seemed to be upset because of unwanted pimples growing anonymously on her face. She tried all the cosmetic creams but those did not help her. The worst thing happened with her because of applying an ointment prescribed by doctor that got allergic to her skin resulting in irritation and redness. In next month, she would be appearing in an interview. 
These pimples would just blow down her confidence level.

She discussed her problem with her granny and she advised her to follow certain remedies for dimple free and glowing skin within few days. She was relieved to hear that these remedies would not lead to any side effects!! So, no tension for being applying the natural tricks on face. She noted down the tips which are mentioned below-

1)       Take little bit of turmeric powder, gram powder and chunked curd in a bowl and mix them properly to get a paste. Apply this paste gently on your skin. Keep it for some time and then wash with clear water.

2)       Take a carrot and boil it followed by smashing. Add olive oil to it. Apply it to your skin. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash it with clear water.

3)       Take 1 teaspoonful of honey and add a few drops of lime juice to it. Then do massage with your skin. Wash it after some time.

4)       Add a few drops of lime juice to milk and stir it well. Apply this solution to your skin.

5)       Take any of these in a bowl- milk/cream/curd/chunk-ed curd and add either turmeric powder/alum to it. Apply the paste evenly on skin at night and let it be like this till morning. Then wash it with cold water to get clear and radiating skin.

6)       First apply few drops of milk on face gently with the help of cotton. Then separate albumin from yolk and then apply it on face. Keep it for some time. Wash your skin with clear water. Now, take yolk in a bowl and add some amount of honey to it. Mix it well to get paste. Massage your skin with the paste and leave it for some time. At the end, wash with clear water.

She followed any one of the mentioned tips very well daily without skipping it for a single day. These tips were quite simple to follow. The result was in her favour. Within one month, she got rid of her pimples and her skin was radiating a glow. She was now confident and happy. No more worries for pimples and dull skin.

It would not have been possible to attain a radiant face without the mentioned tips which proved to be fruitful to her. So, all the credit goes to her granny for coming up with lots of remedies for glowing and natural skin.

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Sweta Sarangi