1 Jul 2019

#380 Can I be a rose ?

                                       Can I be a rose?

Whose petals are smooth and silky
Whose fragrance spreads everywhere
Whose luster mesmerizes every time
And everyone whosever observes it
Radiates vibrant colours all the time

Though the stems quite thorny
Yet it’s subtle and elegant in its own way
Stands so firm among all the thorns
Delivers much more enchanting effects
To the world surrounding it
Surrenders itself completely to the worship
Of the Almighty each and every day

Yes, I desire to be a rose
To be a harbinger of love and humanity
To experience all the divinity it possesses
To shower some positivity to the world,
Which comprises of trials and tribulations
I pledge to fulfill this
Yes, when I speak.

P.S: While browsing my folders, I found this poem which I had penned down long back for one competition and it was not posted in my blog.  

©Sweta Sarangi
All rights reserved.


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