31 Jan 2019

#368 An ode to my future

Dear future,
I wonder where you will take me to,
I can just hope you to be shining bright,
Just like decorative lights of Diwali’s night.
Every now and then when I think of you,
I try to visualise the best version,
That you will appear to me.
You are like a bridge connecting my present,
And soon will fade into my past,
Sometimes I feel myself to be trapped in.
The cycle of past, present and future; vast,
Then I conclude that you are,
Storing many things special.
When the adversities of present,
Try to intimidate me,
I look into the glorious possibilities,
That you are yet to reveal.
I have many wishes to make,
Are you going to materialise them?
Let me be the one I’ve been born for,
The original and undistorted,
So that I can create a history,
Instead of being a forgotten part of it.
© Swati Sarangi

P.S: Hello Readers! Wishing you a very happy new year.. How have you all been doing? We hope to keep you engaged and entertained in this brand new year through our writing (why not sparing a lil time from personal and professional commitments for those tasks that make us energetic and happy to the core , do I need to say more? It's no other task so dear than writing for us) Untill the next post comes up, keep waiting for it ! :) 


  1. Best wishes to create history.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks a lot, Ma'am for stopping by..Wishing you a great year ahead with a loads of achievement in your basket.