8 Feb 2018

#337 Pad and Period

Pad and Period

Every month a girl bears the agony of
A headache, nausea and stomach cramp
It is none other than menstruation,
To deal with it requires a lot of patience.

Release of hormone from pituitary gland
No fertilization of egg results in breakdown
Uterus lining; beginning of periods
Observed at the age of 12-15 years.

Usually, this cycle lasts for a week
Backed by severe abdominal pain and bloating
With the commencement of blood discharge
Then call for the urgent need of pads.

Pads of different brands come to rescue
Providing wide range of sizes and comfort
Preventing leakage from the side wall
To bestow girls a chance to be unstoppable.

The tale doesn’t end here
As a girl is susceptible to PMS as well
Which occurs prior to few days of period
With mood swings, depression, and fatigue.

Period is no more a taboo
And to be a girl isn’t a sin
Where she plays a multiple roles
From   sister, mother to caretaker
Society needs to empathize
With this situation of every girl
To take care of sanitary hygiene.

Need for awareness of sanitary hygiene
Pads should be within reach of every girl of this country
To cope up with the monthly cycle
Let no girl suffer this problem at all.

Sweta Sarangi


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