2 Feb 2018

#336 Modern harbinger of peace: A jinn in disguise

Modern harbinger of peace: A Jinn in disguise
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Can the feeling of being quiet
Enchant anyone at a point of time?
The answer turns out in affirmation
For me the day I found
An advertisement of modern
Harbinger of peace and a jinn in disguise

Whenever I longed for a
Sense of peace
I put on those modern devices
With the tracks of meditation on
Never ever I felt the rhythm so divine
Driving away the fatigue of all day’s long
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Introducing QuietComfort35 ; the name
The designers gave it fondly
Which it proudly carries
What’s its identity?
A Wireless headphone(II) it is
From the stores of Bose

Whether you pick the
Black or the silver one
You’ll never get disappointed
By its quality, I guarantee
The embrace of solace has
Never been so comforting

Enumerating some features it has
Setting it apart from its counterparts
In the market of fierce competition
When designed with utmost caution
With superb noise cancelling ability
Enriching your listening experience
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An insight to its design
Embodied with Alcantara cushions
For rendering comfort all day long
The light cushioned ear cups
 Acting as pillows to
The natural receptors of yours

This will be your perfect companion
A Jinn in disguise to take your orders
Embedded with the facility of Bluetooth
And built-in Google assistant
Playing songs, receiving texts and getting
 Answers without glancing at your phones

To evoke the Jinn it possesses, all you
Need to do is to press the action button
Below the well equipped ear cups
And the jinn is ready to take action
This has simple lent another dimension
To portability of music you like
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The factors contributing to its longevity
Can not be ignored so easily
Impact resistant materials, glass filled nylon
And corrosion resistant stainless steel
Add glory to its uniquely engineered structure
That you can ever afford to miss.

With Twenty hours of battery life
You can enjoy your entire playlist
Without any interruption and a quick
Charge for minutes fifteen for another
Thirty minutes for your service
An app from Bose for your support

Hear or be heard even when it’s windy
Or the noise starts surrounding
Enjoy its consistent performance
At any level of volume you choose
Try talking through the studded
Bluetooth pairings.

A synonym to luxury for the world of
Symphony and never to forget
It as an intelligent investment for lifetime
A modern harbinger of peace, I would call it.
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 © Swati Sarangi

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  1. Nicely penned. Through the poem, you've described the gadget's every aspect.
    Best of luck with the contest... :-)

    1. What a beautiful comment to start the day..Thank you so much! :)