30 Sep 2016

#189 Gateway to a happy and healthy heart

Gateway to a happy and healthy heart
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In this era of complete digitalization and sky touching advancements, man has become mechanical. The lifestyle which he follows has become monotonous and energy draining. If we analyse the average schedule of a man living in a metro city, we will find that most of his time is spent in office in front of the computers. This world of immense competition has rendered man with no time for himself or his family. He is becoming more of a machine. Even though the condition of living style has improved yet this lifestyle has induced a variety of health issues, the major ones being cardiovascular diseases.
Problems related to heart have been a major concern in recent years because of the following reports:
·        “India has the dubious distinction of being known as the coronary and diabetes capital of the world,” said Prof. Prakash Deedwania, University of California, San Francisco, USA. “These results show why - and must prompt the government to develop public health strategies that will change lifestyles, if these risk factors are to be controlled.”
·        Four people die of heart attack every minute in India and the age group is mainly between 30 and 50.
·        Twenty-five per cent of heart attack deaths occur in people less than 40.
·        Nine hundred people under 30 die due to heart disease in India every day.
Before moving to the solution of this problem, we should have a look at the major factors contributing to this:
1)     Smoking: It is one of the major factors which lead to heart related diseases. Apart from this, the tobacco consumption can also trigger this problem as tobacco stiffens the blood vessels as a result of which they become inelastic.
2)     Life style: In this fast paced competitive era, a man is left with no time to look after his physical health. Physical inactivity is the root cause of several ailments like obesity, hypertension, heart attack etc. The prevalent cut throat competition has also added fuel to the stress level of people.
3)     Unhealthy food habits: With the popularity of junk food, the intake of healthy food like green leafy vegetables, milk, pulses etc has reduced.   Junk food has aided the process of fat deposition in the body leading to obesity.
4)     Genetics: A man’s health of heart can be influenced by genetical reasons.
The following methods can be adopted to control heart related disease:
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1)     No to smoking: One has to quit smoking. It is said that a smoker will have more than twice as likely to have heart attack as a non smoker.
2)     Exercises: One should devote some hours for regular exercises which include aerobics, jogging and running. It will be helpful in controlling weight and make one active. Practice of Yoga will ensure a check on stress level.
3)     Weight control: It’s important to control the weight as obesity may lead to heart attack.
4)     Healthy food habits: The diet must be a balanced one consisting of low fat contents such as fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes. Limit the sugar consumption. Calories must be kept under control.
5)     Awareness: One should take the responsibility of his health. He should stay updated with the latest technology in the field of medicines and treatment. He should regularly have a check on his cholesterol level, blood pressure and diabetics.
Last but not the least, the cheapest medicine for any disease is happiness. Laugh as much as you can! Life is precious and so are we. Let’s fight with this challenge by being happy, active and health conscious.


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Swati Sarangi

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