21 May 2016

#122 Mirror, Oh my mirror

Mirror, Oh my mirror

Mirror, Oh my mirror,
Did you see my anguish?
Hidden in my fake smile,
When I see you daily
It pops up automatically.
Did you observe my trepidation?
Isn’t the end of competition??
Want to come out of troubles,
But nothing seems to be in control.
I want to share my plight fully,
Hope you listen to it faithfully.
At what point my story should start,
So that you catch me up quite fast.
I’m in search of solutions.

Interrupted mirror in between
“I’m aware of your condition,
Fire your troubles with determination
Nothing lies permanent here,
Similarly your fear, my dear.
I reflect your personality everyday,
Wish to see you happy always.
Your problems are ephemeral,
But you shouldn’t be sceptical.
What lies within you is greater,
Than the critics of your haters.
Face the world with all your valour,
Never try to run from your battle.”

“What is in store for you –unknown,
You can make anything happen.
Present is hard , may not be tomorrow,
Perseverance eliminates all sorrows.
Envisage your way through dark,
Definitely you’ll witness a spark.”

I feel relieved after this conversation,
No words to praise you for consolation.
Mirror, Oh my mirror,
Be there when I look desolate,
Your company can propitiate.

P.S- This post is written for friday reflection(write tribe)-What if your mirror started talking to you? What would it say?

Write Tribe

Sweta Sarangi