24 Mar 2014

#55 Invisible power

Invisible Power

That Invisible power
Encircles and surmounted by,
The unnoticed layers,
Wrapped up soul with care.

That invisible power
A reminder of consequences,
A foreteller of the events,
A magnifier of persistence.  

That invisible power
Continuously grows and bears,
The fruit of forbearance,
Grouped with surfeit resistance (against odds).

That invisible power
Never lets one derailed,
From the track that is chased
Casts the shadow of true self.

That invisible power
Arouses every bit of your nerves,
Fulfills the purpose you serve,
Enlighten and Uplift the soul.

That invisible power
Accompanies all the time,
Makes oneself refined,
Broadens the channels of mind.

That invisible power
Gets echoed inside the heart,
Indeed difficult to ignore,
That essence of existence.

That invisible power
Protects from any kind of evils,
Projects what you reveal,
Evokes what you conceal.

That invisible power
Is your own conscience,
Guides and motivates you,
And covers up the negligence.

Sweta Sarangi


  1. I think my mind takes me in this direction of imagery, that is a strong "Let go" when I get to myself, alone in a dark room and just let me be me. That is what I got from "Invisible Power". Nice surround sound.