12 Oct 2019

#389 My eternal guru


My eternal GURU

The poem is about my journey of getting connected to the eternal GURU, my inner conscience, the gut instinct which is blessed by universal wisdom, during my search for GURU elsewhere.

Blessed I feel when I think about the teachers whom I met
In every walk of my life; Be him a vendor or a waiter
As each of them taught me at least a thing or two
To carry them forward in the journey for search of truth.
My belief in them strengthened when I witnessed them not giving up
When giving up was the only and best option available
They refused to surrender and strived to keep their spirit alive
I was always wonderstruck by their attitude so strong.

So I tried searching for that GURU in everyone I came across
As I was now exposed to the test of the real world
A world which was challenging and asking to be at your best always
To win this battle, I needed my army of soldiers.

How to forget about the moments of low during this battle?
All my external GURUs seemed to have vanquished somewhere
Then my quest for eternal GURU grew manifold
It was an intense desire which could not be put into hold.

Then followed a moment of introspection which put me into a contemplative mode
Little did I know that the Universe, which I thought to be a field for battle,
Was a motivator for awakening the GURU residing within my core
That was a moment of realization of my life’s purpose.

In the end when my quest got over, it brought me a realization that
My inner conscience as my eternal GURU has always been closer than I had ever thought of.

P.S: This poem has bagged first prize in creative writing competition organized by "Vivekanand Samiti" on the occasion of Teacher's Day at IIT Kanpur. 

Sweta Sarangi

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