14 Sep 2019

#386 Universe has already decided the winner

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#386 Universe has already decided the winner
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Hello readers, 

I feel blessed to share this incident with you to reinforce your self-conviction and belief on magical powers of the Universe which always listens to our every thought and desires like a faithful genie.   

Once my sister, Sweta, found out a competition which was requesting the participants to submit a hand written letter to their special ones on the eve of Valentine’s day and the deadline was few days before Valentine’s day. She challenged me to participate in that competition even after knowing the fact that I have never ever attempted to write anything in the genre Romance. I accepted her challenge. Unfortunately I missed out the deadline because of some of the academic commitments but deep down in my heart, I wanted to participate in that competition.

After few days, again my sister insisted me to participate in that competition as the deadline of the event had been postponed to 6th of March for non-receipt of unsatisfactory entries. I perceived it as an opportunity which served two purpose; first, to win the challenge that my sister had given me and second, to try out something new in the field of writing. So, I poured my intentions of heart over a piece of letter.  When the result was declared, guess what? I was the winner.

It was as if the Universe had already decided the winner even before he occurrence of this competition.

Thanks to the powerful Universe and magic dust to all.

P.S: Read the winning entry here; Winning Entry; Contest by Writer's Ezine

Swati Sarangi

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