29 Jun 2019

#378 When the storyteller comes out of the book

When the storyteller comes out of the book

I would begin this article with a snippet of the poem from the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne,
To trust in the force

That moves the universe is faith

Faith isn't blind;it's visionary.

Faith is believing that the universe

Is on our side, and that the universe

Knows what it's doing.

-Author unknown

The companion during my journey

It was during December 2018, my eyes fell on one of the Sudha Murthy's books, "Here, there and Everywhere" in Kempegowda International Airport. Being always an admirer Sudha Murthy's style of writing and storytelling, I couldn't resist myself from picking the book mentioned above from the catalog. This book was very special to me as it was purchased from my first salary and kept me glued to the word of it until I caught the flight. This contained many short stories based on real-life experiences of Sudha Murthy. I was full of awe and admiration for this lady with a series of achievements and yet -possessing down-to-earth demeanor. Somewhere I let out a random wish of mine to the universe to meet her in person and get an autograph of her in that book. Little did I know about the conspiracy of universe to fulfill that wish of mine.

 Fast forward to 29th June 2019:
I got a golden opportunity to attend an interactive session by Murthy couples in the Auditorium outreach of IIT Kanpur and it felt great to have shared a common roof with such eminent personalities. They discussed about various topics related to career, balancing different roles in life, maintaining consistency in learning, hobbies, society, shedding ego, influences in their lives, a generous idea of giving back to the society in any form. Few takeaways from the session were:

·         On Inception of the literary journey: Mrs. Murthy's mom was the main inspiration behind it who would always motivate her in the journey. She was not given supper if she had missed to write a page every night.

·         On earning/skills: At the starting of any career, more focus should always be given on learning than earning. Running behind the passion is important.

·         On handling ego: Everyone is normal; there will always be people above and below you in terms of talent/expertise. Showing affection is a way to reduce ego.

·         On Managing different roles: Time and disciplines are the most important pillars that can help one to manage different roles.

·         On successful marriage: Passion to understand partner's vision and dreams and care for each other are some of the ingredients of a successful marriage. In today's era, having an understanding man for a working professional is very important.

·         On handling judgments of people: Everyone should have a great confidence within themselves which can be developed through consistent efforts put day in and day out. The main focus should be given to unleash the potential and working ethically and legally.

·         Their experience of meeting famous people: In Mrs. Murthy's words, "I don't compare
myself with others. Everyone is good's gift and hence special. Everyone has some strength and blooms in a different rate, so they should focus on their personal growth."
In Mr. Murthy's words, "I never stop myself from learning from each person I meet. I've always been an unbiased admirer of legends."

I thoroughly enjoyed that session and was highly influenced by their simplicity and humbleness. The contrast in the behavior of Murthy couple was something to be admired; while Sudha Murthy was elaborative in her speech; Narayan Murthy was a man of few selected words and it was amusing to see their bonding when Sudha Murthy never missed any chance of introducing humor in the entire conversation.

I had carried the same book which I purchased from KIAB to fulfill that wish of mine. After the session, the audience was given a chance to get the autograph of the dignitaries and how could I miss the chance that I was eagerly waiting for? I went to Mrs. Murthy, got that same book autographed. When I expressed my gratitude to her to have purchased her book with my first salary, she paused for a while from the task of putting her autograph in the first page of the book and with a very humble smile said "Thank you so much". I could notice the expression in her face which was priceless as a result of which I was on cloud nine instantaneously.  

If it's not the act of universe, then what else it is! Imagine about some incident that you wished to happen in your recent past (déjà vu) and you had no idea how it was going to happen but somehow you have envisioned to happen. Such hopes always make life beautiful and of course it is full of miracles for those who strongly believe in it. 

Thanks to the team of Secret and Rhonda Byrne.

Last but not the least, Thank you , Thank you , Thank you , Universe! 

The universe is always hearing the unspoken words of yours! 
Here comes the precious autograph!

Thanks to that session for breaking writer's block. I have been searching for a topic to write since many days.

©Swati Sarangi

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