26 Apr 2019

#375 Vibes of the library

Vibes of the library

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I have always been attracted to library as they house myriad of ideologies in those trillions of pages bound together to give rise to tangible forms. As soon as I enter it, I wonder how different my life would be if I am not only able  to absorb those printed words but also to live each one of them . Even an entire lifetime will be insufficient to devour those food (from such libraries let alone that of Infy's) stimulating energetic thoughts for brain. 

I feel privileged and lucky to be here at this moment, right now, surrounded by uncountable books as if they're shouting out loud to read them. Reading not only provides me ideas ,ways to express myself but also somehow fulfills one of the deepest desires of mine of connecting with the legends when I can only possibility dream of meeting them in my lifetime. By reading, I invariably become a part of those books. What else can appease the heart of a voracious reader other than the sight of his food; books! 😇

This piece of writing has been influenced by one such book entitled "The Assassin's Cloak" which is an anthology of the world's greatest diarists. It has encouraged me to reconsider one of the fondest habits of mine; writing diary. I regret for not continuing it at this place but again I can't accuse anyone behind discontinuing it. What gives pleasure to one's soul must, at any cost, under any circumstances, be carried out. 

Sadly, I miss my diary. Nothing can replace the experience of writing over those pages, even though this digitized world has tried to concentrate almost every activity to the tip of fingers over smart screens, enhancing the probability of accomplishing any task to almost cent percent, the importance of the existence of stuffs in pre-smart-phone era can never ever be neglected.

Reading entries of others has the power of generating empathy for them as it enables the process of connecting to some of the deepest feelings of the writer which are completely raw; unmanipulated.

©Swati Sarangi

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