30 Mar 2019

#373 6 years down and forever to go!

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6 years down and forever to go! Oh! Yes, hardly can I ever imagine this blog to be turning 6 years, it feels like our baby turning 6 years whom both of us(I and Sweta) nurtured with utmost love and care. It’s a life time experience (and not to forget, each moment is a life time experience because of its transient passage). So, the celebration has to be great for obvious reasons and the show must go on!

In these 6 years, we’ve secured two educational degrees along with a load of opportunities in different fields ranging from writing, singing, coding, travelling, cooking, learning languages; all of these have added a lot to our personalities by refining it day by day. Life; no matter how easy it might seem, yet it sometimes proves to be the most strict teacher by revealing its wicked side too! After all major portion of it is gray in colour, if we try to look at it at a deeper perspective. Amidst several activities, achievements, ups and downs, I always keep questioning about the purpose of my life, at the end of each day.

I’m always thankful to the beautiful souls whom I came across in my journey , even when I might not reciprocate my gratitude towards them but deep down in my heart whenever I recalled any of my happy moments , it was always because of them.

Even though my association with this blog has become an erratic one quite lately yet whenever I recall about the memory of that day when I published my first post, never had I realized that it would reach at this stage. That’s why I say more often to myself, especially when things don’t seem to be turning out the way I’ve imagined that, Dreams do come true! Yes, they do! This blog is a result of that simple wish of my heart.

I would just like to remind my readers to enjoy every moment of life as it comes because every moment is unique and can’t be compared to other. Once it is gone, it is gone for the life time! Hoping to come up with more valuable posts in days to come, if any of our posts influences even a single reader, then the purpose of this blog is well served. So, stay connected because this journey with this blog is going to be unexpectedly exciting.

Signing off from now!
Stay tuned, Readers!

©Swati Sarangi


  1. Wow! Many congratulations. 6 years is definitely a considerable time. :-)

    and Keep writing. :-)

  2. Thanks Sir for your valuable comment.I've received a lot of inspiration from your blog .