20 Jun 2018

#359 Forgotten


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Sometimes I keep wondering
How am I going to be 
Remembered once my 
Tenure of life gets over?
Will I ever be remembered
For the deeds I did or
Become the forgotten part
Of someone's innate memory?
This level of thinking puts 
Me into a state of contemplation 
The depth of analysis then
Arises from a condition of urgency 
As if the time is running out 
Like the particles of sand falling
Down from the chamber of an hour glass
I realise that it's I who
Has only been procrastinating
On something that was need of the hour
I take a new birth the next
Moment of my realisation
The realisation that I'm a being
So perishable and I woke 
Up from a deep slumber.

©Swati Sarangi