23 Jul 2017

#282 In the end- Tribute to Chester Bennington

In the end- Tribute to Chester Bennington
I’ve always thought of writing on this topic but could never utilise my words wittily to frame an article. Yes, the title of this post matches with the title of a music track of Linkin Park that always lifts me up. I can’t recall how many times I have played this song but I must admit that this song has something special in its lyrics which have at times prompted me to go on several rounds of thoughts seriously. I then ponder about those solid principles on which the pillar of life rests. What exactly matters in the end?

It’s such heartening to mention the unfortunate demise of singer Chester Bennington of an English Band named Linkin Park. I have always admired listening to the songs of Linking Park for the soulful composition with motivational lyrics which have brought an enormous fame to them. I’ve even dreamt of attending the live concert of Linkin Park and meeting Chester. Those motivational and meaningful lyrics have always have always lent a mesmerizing impact on the fans; especially on the youth. It might never have been easy for Chester Bennington to channelize the agonies that arose out of the pains of his past into music and he did it so brilliantly. I don’t want to be judgemental here but I wonder how those powerful songs that could fill millions of disheartened souls with enormous energy, did not prove fruitful in saving the life of the singer himself? How could not he beat that terrible monster of depression when his songs helped millions of his fans to come out of the vicious cycle of depression victoriously?

I’ve come across many insensitive remarks of people regarding the suicide of the legend by putting forth their biased and judgemental views. It brings forth many important things to limelight.
·        People will always criticise you even after your death, so why to care for their derogatory remarks while you’re alive?
·        Depression is a serious issue and in this era of high competitiveness, almost many of us must have come under its grip. Nothing surprising! So it’s utmost important to take care of your mental health just like physical health.

A small poem to drive any suicidal feelings:

Whenever you feel like giving up
Remember those hands that let
You walk over those unlevelled paths
Remember those hands that fed you
Recognise your worth and the
Consequences that your absence will bring
Remember the purpose for which
You are in this world
Realise if you can the sense of
Parenthood that you’ve brought
What reasons you need
Other than those for your survival?

Few lines as a tribute to Chester Bennington:
In the end it does not even matter
The wealth which you’ve gathered
The vague pride that you let grow
The moments that you never lived
Those ill feelings that you kept inside
The risks that you never took
For the fear of being judged
Numerous times you fell down
Bruising your self esteem

Life is about giving
And sharing all you can
Getting up after every fall
And shouting ,”Yes, I can”.

Don’t shrink this wonderful gift
Of experience under the sheet
Of lame excuses of judgement.
Numb my ears became
After listening to that
Divine rhythm!
In the end the voice is silent
Numbing million of hearts
And leaving this mortal Earth
With immortal melodious fragrance.

My college days would never have been so beautiful without those tracks of Linkin Park sung mellifluously by Chester Bennigton. A heartfelt Gratitude to the singer, your songs will always stay alive in the hearts of millions. May your soul rest in peace! This is the hardest good bye!

Swati Sarangi


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