30 Mar 2017

#245 4th Bloganniverssary

4th Bloganniversary
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30th Mar, 2017; the day when the blog completes its 4th year and enters into its 5th year of  existence. I should not forget to thank my co-writer and twin sis, Sweta for being a constant support of mine throughout this journey of blogging. Yes, I draw a lot of inspiration from the positive outlook of Sweta which has helped me in pouring the positivity out in my writing. The blog is like a lil baby to us which has got nurtured by the collective efforts of us from time to time through myriad experiences of life. Creative constellation is not only a platform to publish own works but also a loyal friend lending ears to our experiences of life. It’s like a companion of eternity.

Celebrating this day with a promise not to stop writing....
Dedicating a poem on this special day to our dearest companion;

To the dearest blog,
Whom we nurtured with care and love
As we pour our hearts out
Digitally over you
When the surrounding noise
Becomes very loud
Thanks for being our companion
Like a prized possession
 Reflecting our internal feelings
Bringing a sense of relief
Threesome we enjoy gleefully
In the world of word’s eternity
A promise to make
Not to depart in any case.

Thanks to all readers because of whom we’ve got all encouragement to write and that’s the reason why we continue to write and will do so in near future.

Swati Sarangi


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