12 Mar 2017

#242 An expedition to world of words

An expedition to world of words

I am overwhelmed to share with all the readers of this blog that, our blog has crossed 50000 views. For me, it’s a joyous unforgettable moment. It’s a great transition in terms of writing from view 1 to view 50000 for me. When I was new to this blogging world, I had no idea about what to write and how to write. I was like a premature baby who landed to the world all of  a sudden. I was completely ignorant of the power of blogging. At that time, it was only a way to fill the gaps between study hours. That can be none other than switching to one of my pastime –writing. This blog was initially created by my sister who later invited me to contribute to this blog. By this way, I entered into this world of words.

In my primary phase of life, my father used to compose poems for both of us to recite in competitions being organized in school. I was always surprised by the way he used to compose poems within limited time frame. Once I asked my father, “Papa, how do you compose such lovely poems? Will I be able to compose any poems in future?’’ To these questions, he replied calmly, “We can do anything if we have an interest in it, let alone poetry.” At that that time, I could not figure out the meaning hidden in these words but accepted it in my mind with a smile on my face. I was unaware of the intensity of words that he used in his answer.  At that time I had never developed an interest to compose poems. More ever I was inclined towards learning music. And yes, I am equally passionate about music now also.

I could remember the day I put my hands to writing poetry.  I was in sixth standard then, when started to observe my sister writing down something in her diary. Initially I did not bother her much but later I found that she was composing some poems and noting those in her diary. I read one of her poems; the words that she used in her poem blew away my mind. It was just wonderful. I was inspired by her work and decided to put my hands on writing poetry. I also maintained one diary solely for writing whatever came to my mind. It was a start and a small step taken by me.Both of us used to share our works with each other and this boosted up the spirit to write more and more.

Blogging was like an evolution for me in the field of writing. I realised its worth in my life when I started writing down my emotions in form of stories. I am more often a story teller than a poet. I was an amateur who was in search of a better story line or characters to fit the context. Here, I am about to share how has blogging changed my life.

1)    Blogging provides me a platform to share my words with the world, read others work and get inspired.
2)    Blogging heals my mind. It is just the best way to write down my feelings in forms of poetry, fiction or articles whenever I feel low. It acts like a friend in disguise.
3)    Blogging helps me to enhance my writing skill. The more I write, the more I become clear about my thought.
4)    Blogging makes me feel contented as I am able to express myself in a way which I want to be.
5)    Blogging accelerates my control over the words.
6)    Blogging provides me a way to observe all things around minutely. By observing the elements of nature, I prepare myself to write something on it.
7)    Blogging entertains me and makes me feel fresh to start my leftover work.  

I and my sister have been into this world of blogging for more than four years now. The valuable comments that I receive from my readers are priceless possession which not only brings a smile on my face but also transform my bad day into a good one. Blogging has more power than I had ever imagined. It just made me believe that I can also write my feelings in a better way which I initially thought to be an impossible task. It has provided me a virtual field over which I can cultivate my own thoughts.

So, if you have not started anything like this, don’t worry. Time has arrived for you to hear your own voice. Write down over those white arena and experience the change...
Sweta Sarangi



  1. Hurray,kudos! what a beautiful summary! :) loved it, absolutely.. and thanks for the appreciation.. :)