1 Jan 2015

#88 A New Beginning

A new beginning

 A very happy new year to everyone!! May this year bring all happiness, good health, fortune and success. May each one of you be successful in achieving what you’ve been aiming at. May each path of yours get devoid of obstacles.

A new day corresponds a new beginning, a moment of forgetting the past and a pledge to march ahead in life with new energy and enthusiasm. The new dawn is yet to be witnessed. As the hands of the clock moved in synchronism to stop at number 12, we entered into a new year with all our consciousness.  I wonder how changed or special our lives will become if we try to live with the consciousness of new- year day for every day of the year.  

Yipeee.. It’s The New Year day- the first day of the year, suppose to be very special- the moment of celebration, enjoyment, get-together .Very shortly, I’ll be writing the first page of this 365-paged diary called life. Since last many years, I’ve been making resolutions on this day and to be frank , those lived for a shorter period of time. So, this time I’ve decided to give up this idea of making resolutions. I just want to give myself as well as readers the following thought:  

It has been very wisely stated that “To everything there’s a reason and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Does not everything happen at its destined time and for a definite purpose?

I’ve almost no idea about what this year will offer me but few upcoming events of my life such as declaration of result of semester exam, getting graduated and writing job exams are quite predictable. I hope that I get through those decisive phases of my life quite well. All that I want to remind myself is to keep trying in every pursuit of life. Life is not about winning and losing, it’s about living each moment.

Time is very powerful and no one has ever been successful enough to tame or rewind it. It seems as if the whole year 2014 passed at the wink of an eye. When I reflect back, I find that Year 2014 went fantastically for me with a mixture of vivid moments. Bad experiences strengthened me and good experiences enriched my living experiences. Somewhere inside me it is giving me a feeling of parting with a member of my family, but how can one embrace new things until unless he lets go of the old things?

So, with the flow of time, I’m just making myself unconditionally flow with those myriad vibrant hues of life. With a wish for a better future and bagful of adventures, I halt my fingers from typing further. May this year be the most memorable year for each one of us. J

 Swati Sarangi


  1. Yes, the new year gives us an opportunity to start things anew. My latest post is about the same topic. *sends best wishes for the new year* :)

    1. A very happy new year to you and thanks for stopping by..:)

  2. Happy new year and the very best wishes for a new beginning. The best is yet to come :)

    1. My best wishes for you and your family.. Just hoping for all best to happen.. :)

  3. oh yes let everything go and new beginnings are the order of the day with the new year for sure

    happy new year to you and family


    1. Thank you!! May this festive season of new year stay through out the year for you and your family!! :)