26 Jul 2018

#363 Book Review: A Stoic's Diary

A Stoic’s Diary

Author: Dipanshu Rawal

Genre: Non-fiction (Philosophy/Self-help)

Format: PDF

File Size: 1708KB

Star: 4.5/5 (Self)

Review: It’s a non-fiction book based on the concept of stoicism and ideas associated with it. This 60-page PDF has been segregated into 11 chapters which are short yet interesting. The writer has made sure that he is able to express the main ideas behind this psychological assessment in simple language. The organisation of the chapters is well appreciated.  

 Sharing some of the lines from the book which appealed me the most are;

Emotions create most of the problems while logic solves most of them.

You were a liability to a woman’s body before you opened your eyes on this earth.

The less you expect the more you rise above disappointments and other harmful emotions that render you hopeless.

Past kills you with guilt and future buries you under the pressure of your unfulfilled dreams.

Ask yourself “what worries you the most?”

Instead of replying “I’m good”, “I am fine”, try replying with a big smile, “I’m awesome!”, “I’m great!”,”I’m amazing!”

My experience:  I came across this PDF from one of the fellow writers at Quora and I appreciate the very idea of discussing some of the important aspects which are always taken as granted. This forms the 7th book of my reading list of goodreads.I feel blessed to have come across this book at the right hour. I liked the simple illustrations that substantiate the subtle ideologies associated with stoicism. I liked the concept of approaching the solutions of the problem through algorithm which paves a way for simplification. I took away the concept of writing down the problem on the paper and working out the solution for it. Even though it’s a book with limited pages yet it encompasses wisdom of many ages and books. No doubt, the writer has done his research well in giving shape to this one. I would certainly recommend it to others who are looking for a way to their problems of life.

©Swati Sarangi

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