26 Mar 2018

#348 Grabbing wings for the world

Grabbing wings for the world

Travelling is one of the wonderful experiences that one can get in life. It lets one to explore the places that one has never been before. Places have a lot of stories to tell just like people. Not just stories but on visiting them we create a lot of memories. Every time I visit a new place, I wonder about the vastness of this world both in terms of geographical expansion and the experiences that it has to offer to the the travellers. Travelling experiences lead to open mindedness.
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It’s among my obvious desires to be a bird whenever I sit over the terrace and stare at the limitless sky. This sight of a bird spreading its wings with utmost ease in the sky further aggravates my longing to be one of those species. I wish I had a pair of wings to take me to the places instantly where I always want to travel. From this state of desire of mine, it can be inferred that travelling is one those things that I enjoy.

About a month back, when my parents gave me a surprise news to visit my hostel and pick me up, I was thrilled to the level that no one can ever imagine. I spent sleepless nights before their arrival. There was a reason for this overexcited state of happiness of mine. First, I was going to my home after a long and arduous wait of 6 months. Second, my exams were over by then. Third, this time I was not travelling to my home alone like other times but accompanied by my parents. Fourth, we were visiting to different places to create memory. That was the biggest relief to me and I could enjoy my moment. Adding to all these were the visit to Sanchi Stupa and Orchha.  

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Sanchi Stupa is the reflection of Budhhist art and architecture,located at Sanchi town , Madhya Pradesh. It was built by emperor Ashoka of Maurya Dynasty. We reached there during morning time and the chillness of the surrounding was getting diminished by the rays of sunlight that were started to fall on the Earth. The prevalent serenity of that place what captivated me. I started imagining how Buddhist monks used to be meditating at this place. It is considered as one of the oldest stone structures of India having a shape of hemispherical dome. It has been enlisted as a world heritage site in 1989. These Stupas have been surrounded by ornamental gateways on its four sides. This site remains open from sunrise to sun set and I could find some of the foreigners being present there. I could find various statues of Buddha in his meditative sitting posture. What an expression of peace that emanated! I was lost in the moment. I captured many pictures for memories and purchased some of the things being sold at the site as tokens for memory.

Sharing some of the pics I clicked there to preserve it as a part of my memory

On our way back, we visited Orchha. It is one of the tourist places situated in Tikamgarh district of MP. The beautiful fort with windows with a lot of holes reminded me of the days when we travelled Hawa Mahal in Jaipur.Because of the time constraint, we could not explore much as we were already very much tired by then and the scorching heat added fuel to the level of our exhaustion. I did not forget to take few snaps to store them as a part of the memory.
Trips to different places with family and friends are among the most enjoyable moments of my life and when these trips are not pre-planned or secretly made, they make the experience even more worthy. No doubt, travelling has increased my love for this world. I look forward to such trips in near future to include them in the part of my memory.


 © Swati Sarangi

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