23 Feb 2017

#238 Review of Shades of life-2

Review of Shades of life-2 (SOL-2)
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Shades of life-2 is an anthology of poems and short stories based on different colours. Various emotions have been portrayed through different colours .For example-Red (Rage & Anger), Orange (Vigilance & Anticipation), Yellow (Joy & Ecstasy), Green (Admiration & Trust), Blue (Serene & Trustworthy), Purple (Mysterious & Romantic), Pink (Girlish & Romantic),Black (Powerful & Sophisticated), White (Peace & Virtuous), Gray (Neutral & Gloomy)

The book opens up with a forward note by Neelam Saxena Chandra. The editor Saravanan Murugan has acknowledged his gratitude to the people associated with the anthology.
The literary section begins with a wonderful poem entitled ‘The epoch of our love’ by the guest author Purba Chakraborty. It’s about the description of the memories of love against the natural background reflecting different colours.

The anthology has been very well partitioned in different sections of colours and the contents related to that colour have been written under that particular section. At the end of the content of each section, the writer's bio has been given to connect them to readers.This anthology ends up with a mysterious story by the editor.

 My reviews in brief: I really enjoyed reading this anthohlogy. It is really a complete package of all emotions very craftily woven through words. The stories have been so well plotted with appropriate description and maturity in writing skill is well reflected. The story lines amazes me thinking about the creativity in the thoughts of the authors and the same goes true for poems too. I would recommend it for every literary enthusiasts to get the taste of Shades of life , it is a treat for a good read.

Swati Sarangi