8 Apr 2016

#118 Vicissitude of separation

Vicissitude of separation

The divine state of attachment
Since the day of my earthly arrival
Yours every bit of selfless love and care
Which I will always remember
The saintly demeanour of yours
In life’s every endeavour
You thought and spoke
No ill of others
As your lips endlessly chant
For others welfare
The words of appreciation that I heard
For each one you came across
Even though we met for limited duration
You taught me the life’s important lessons
Optimism – the strongest weapon
To battle against tough situations
There’s light even in darkest moment
To balance the uneven trend
The influence of your energy
From myself will never cease
May your soul rest in peace.
Good Bye ,Aai.

P.S: This poem is a tribute to my maternal grandma (Aai) who passed away recently. May her soul attain the highest degree of salvation in heavenly abode.

Swati Sarangi


  1. My condolences mam..

    I am sure she is looking down upon you .. may she rest in peace

    1. The episodes of life are destined to happen which may be uncontrollable.. sad! :( Anyway, Thanks for your prayer ..

  2. A beautiful ode to your grandma. May she rest in peace.