30 Mar 2018

#350 The persons behind the curtain

The persons behind the curtain
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If life is a live stage, I’m the actor then my parents are the persons behind the curtains. The world may not recognise these persons behind the curtains yet their contribution can never ever be ignored.
          As mentioned in my previous write ups, I was accompanied by a loving sister when I opened my eyes for the first time in this world. So, I feel lucky for the fact that I was not alone when I arrived in this mortal world. Needless to say, raising twins is one of the toughest challenges of the parenting and Kudos to my parents for their brilliant way of raising us up simultaneously. I would often enquire my mother about the challenges they faced in bringing us up then she would answer this question in a very humble tone that it was their utmost duty. Needless to say that the sacrifices made by both of them were huge. Numerous sleepless nights, unflinching patience, determination and an eagerness to witness our success have been among their strongest traits. Perhaps the profoundness of those character traits was such that it could suppress any sort of lacuna of a middle class joint family. When we were miles away even from the slightest hint of the struggle they did to meet every need of ours, we led a very blissful childhood.
The things which I find right on the part of my parents while raising us are listed below:
1. Treating their children equally
I always appreciate the way we’ve been treated in our family. It’s quite natural to get caught in the fierce war of competition but thanks to their way of upbringing which has never let even slightest touch of jealousy to crop up between us. It’s not easy to meet the requirements of both the children simultaneously (belonging to a middle class family in India) in every sphere but they made it possible through several innumerable and ineffable sacrifices.
2. They taught me the importance of peace
Peace is always an essence of a successful life. No matter whatever one has, how much successful one becomes, if he’s not content or peaceful in his life, every materialistic possession becomes worthless.
3. They taught me to stay grounded and humble in all situations.
Both success and failures are ephemeral. One should not be overwhelmed in both the situations.
4. They taught me the importance of relationship.
One can earn the blessings of elders through one’s own deed only and these blessings act panacea to our problems in life.
The most appealing relationship insight that I’ve learned from my parents is the mutual consultation. Whenever there comes a need of any family decision to be taken, then there’s always a session of mutual consultation between my parents. It happens because the underlying principles are trust and respect for each other’s viewpoints as trust is the building block of any relationship.  This not only increases the effectiveness of decision making as it includes analysing a situation from different perspectives but also strengthens the compatibility existing between them. So, an equality in presenting own opinion is established in this way.They have set a relationship goal for me.

5. They never set any limit on my abilities
They never restricted me to do whatever I wanted to do. I have always given the liberty to do whatever I feel like (obviously I have always been much aware of my limits)
6. They have taught me to value time and money.
Both these entities are very importance in life and should be spent judiciously.
My day starts with the voice of my mother when she makes a call to me by saying “May God bless you”. Every night I retire to bed thinking about hearing her voice the next morning. She's too optimistic about life. She's a devout lady and very dedicated towards her duties. She's my strength, courage and a sanguine outlook for life.
When my faith on myself flickers, my father is the only one up to whom I look for the words of wisdom. The words that flow from his mouth are “Never give up no matter how challenging the situation may become. Always remember that the one who plans and persists, wins in the end. You should always be patient for the right time to come.”It's something that I keep in my mind during tough times.

In short, they are lifelines for me. Without them, I am simply nothing. No matter how much I've caused troubles to them, they readily forget and forgive.
May they live thousand years and thousand lives be inspired by their selfless acts.
May we get the chance to be their children in every birth!
 ©Swati Sarangi


  1. I am amazed to read such a matured write-up and I am thankful to the Almighty.

    More power to your words and work.

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