27 Sep 2017

#295 Book Review

Canvas of a mind

Author: Purba Chakraborty

Genre: Fiction- Mystery/Romance

Format: Paperback

Pages: 168

Publisher: Becomeshakespeare.com

Star:4.5/5 (Self)

Review: This fiction has been categorised into 28 chapters. There is a heartfelt note to the one the novel has been dedicated to. The author acknowledges everyone who helped her to come up with this novel.

The plot revolves around the life of two sisters, Akashi and Ipsha who are residing in the lap of beautiful place called Kalimpong. Their parents died in an accident, since then the elder sister Akashi who is an assistant professor in a college now, has been playing the role of guardian to her younger sister, Ipsha who is in 12th standard.  Akashi faces a breakup with her boyfriend because of issues in the long distant relationship. Before she could fully get over that, she encounters another tempest of her life. Ipsha  gets trapped in the romance of a stranger who keeps stalking her, observes her every action, interacts with her through love notes and plays a very enchanting tune in harmonica to woo her.

Once Ipsha grabs the chance to know about the stalker who claims to love her and he introduces himself as the son of famous businessman Akhilesh Walia , Arjun Walia who has come to Kalimpong for some business purpose.

After a lot of attempts of persuation from Ipsha to meet Akashi, finally Arjun agrees to meet Akashi. Akashi prepares a delicious dinner for all of them. When Ipsha introduces Arjun to Akashi,Akashi is startled at the familiarity of Arjun’s face but is unable to recall . At the end of their meting session, Akashi starts playing the piano and both of them start singing melodiously.

The next morning, Akashi to clarify her doubt, reaches at the hotel where Arjun is staying and asks him to confess about his real identity.  Akashi’s research of previous might about the Walia group of business  Arjun confesses about everything  , how he once accidentally dropped a packet of drug in the purse of Akashi at railway station once and now has come to get that packet. In the process of stalking Akashi, he falls in love with her younger sister, Ipsha.

One day when Ipsha is with Arjun on a date, a group of goons arrives to threaten Arjun. A fight breaks out between them and in that fight Arjun jumps off from the cliff and dies. Ipsha being shocked at that incidence, when returns back to the home, locks herself up in the room. When police comes to enquire about Arjun, Ipsha reveals that Arjun has escaped through the window.

The next moment an intense argument crops up between two sisters as a result of which Ipsha slits her wrist. Then Ipsha is taken to the hospital where her treatment starts. Akashi , on insisted by the doctor, reveals everything about the incidence and through medical reports it is brought into Akashi’s notice that Ipsha has always suffered from Schizophrenia . The doctor advises Akashi to shift to a different place so as to keep Ipsha out of the some of the haunting thoughts of her past. Vihaan plays the role of the savior at that crucial point by inviting them to stay with him at Delhi.

At Delhi, Akashi gets Ipsha admitted to an Art School where she starts to enjoy learning different skills of painting. Fast forward… Akashi on her wedding day , is gifted a beautiful painting by Ipsha. That painting is drawn by the collective effort of Ipsha and Arjun, a boy whom she befriended in art school. The story ends with an optimistic note that whatever we keep painting in the canvas of our minds, will come true one day.

My Experience: First of all, Thanks to Writer’s Ezine for conducting a giveaway contest through which I earned this novel. My joy knew no bounds when the autographed copy of the author arrived at my doorstep and little did I know it then that I would very soon start to appreciate this miracle. This novel became my best companion during the journey I travelled. It maintained the mystery till the end which kept me engaged till my journey ended.

To be frank, I liked everything about this novel starting from the design of the cover, the title, lucid description of each chapter etc .I like the way in which each chapter has been started with few words which seem more like quotations to substantiate the essence of the chapter.

Thumbs up to the description of bonding between two sisters and the responsibility that the elder sister bears for being the sole guardian of her sibling. I liked the narration about the beauty of the place. Through meticulous description of words, I could very well imagine the breathtaking beauty of place situated among the lap of nature miles away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. The framing up of dialogues are much appreciated.

Kudos to the writer for her tremendous effort to bring out this novel in the best possible way. I would strongly recommend it for others to read who want a blend of mystery, romance and narration.

© Swati Sarangi


  1. Thank you so much Swati for the wonderful review and your kind words. I am so glad you enjoyed reading the book. God bless you <3

    1. I'm lucky to find your comment here. Hoping to read many stories from you in near future. Best wishes!