9 Jul 2017

#279 Monsoon Reflections

Monsoon reflections

Once during a rainy day, I was sitting alone near the window of my room at hostel accompanied by a hot cup of coffee. The power outage made me focus more on the sounds of falling drops of rain. It was getting darker with the vast stretch of dark clouds in the sky. The sight of the spread of the greenery all around was too mesmerizing to behold. I heard the noise of few kids who came running out of their homes to dance gleefully in the rain. I could not count the sudden increase in the number of paper boats that came floating near to a bench that stood at the end of the park which I watched through my window.

All these scenes prompted me to recall similar moments of my life. The memories of my glorious childhood days came flooding by. I forgot the staunch loneliness that I was experiencing for a moment and started to get indulged in some of the philosophical discussions taking place inside my mind. After monitoring the series of my thoughts that often pushed me to quit so as to avoid the prevalent monotony of my life, the first question that I put to myself was, “why not quitting?” With this question, came the strongest reasons of not quitting as I started to ponder about the purpose of the initiation of the journey that I’ve decided to make.

 No matter how difficult or monotonous the present situations appeared to me, they would certainly be better than some of the adversities that I may encounter in near future. It has been 6 years now that I left my home for starting an educational journey at hostel. In the span of 6 years, I got a chance to stay at different places of India with different people from different cultural or economical background. Before embracing the life at hostel, I used to take a lot of stresses of exams in my school days in spite of being under the utmost care and support of my family. Never even had I imagined that the level of difficulties that I was going to encounter in near future was million times harder than those. Had I got aware of my future challenges, I would have let go those periods of stresses with ease. I learnt that the exams of life were not just confined to paper and pens but some of the challenging situations that demanded every ounce of my potential to be used to get through that. The role that my family played in uplifting me during the phases of my hopelessness was now transferred to me. Yes, I’m growing matured with every difficult situation I came across.    

          Amidst all those thoughts of self analysis, I almost forgot that the drops of rain were starting to wet my belongings which were arranged in a shelf kept closer to the window. Then, I had to rush to the place where the shelf was kept to transfer all those things to another place.

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