26 Jul 2017

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23 Jul 2017

#282 In the end- Tribute to Chester Bennington

In the end- Tribute to Chester Bennington
I’ve always thought of writing on this topic but could never utilise my words wittily to frame an article. Yes, the title of this post matches with the title of a music track of Linkin Park that always lifts me up. I can’t recall how many times I have played this song but I must admit that this song has something special in its lyrics which have at times prompted me to go on several rounds of thoughts seriously. I then ponder about those solid principles on which the pillar of life rests. What exactly matters in the end?

It’s such heartening to mention the unfortunate demise of singer Chester Bennington of an English Band named Linkin Park. I have always admired listening to the songs of Linking Park for the soulful composition with motivational lyrics which have brought an enormous fame to them. I’ve even dreamt of attending the live concert of Linkin Park and meeting Chester. Those motivational and meaningful lyrics have always have always lent a mesmerizing impact on the fans; especially on the youth. It might never have been easy for Chester Bennington to channelize the agonies that arose out of the pains of his past into music and he did it so brilliantly. I don’t want to be judgemental here but I wonder how those powerful songs that could fill millions of disheartened souls with enormous energy, did not prove fruitful in saving the life of the singer himself? How could not he beat that terrible monster of depression when his songs helped millions of his fans to come out of the vicious cycle of depression victoriously?

I’ve come across many insensitive remarks of people regarding the suicide of the legend by putting forth their biased and judgemental views. It brings forth many important things to limelight.
·        People will always criticise you even after your death, so why to care for their derogatory remarks while you’re alive?
·        Depression is a serious issue and in this era of high competitiveness, almost many of us must have come under its grip. Nothing surprising! So it’s utmost important to take care of your mental health just like physical health.

A small poem to drive any suicidal feelings:

Whenever you feel like giving up
Remember those hands that let
You walk over those unlevelled paths
Remember those hands that fed you
Recognise your worth and the
Consequences that your absence will bring
Remember the purpose for which
You are in this world
Realise if you can the sense of
Parenthood that you’ve brought
What reasons you need
Other than those for your survival?

Few lines as a tribute to Chester Bennington:
In the end it does not even matter
The wealth which you’ve gathered
The vague pride that you let grow
The moments that you never lived
Those ill feelings that you kept inside
The risks that you never took
For the fear of being judged
Numerous times you fell down
Bruising your self esteem

Life is about giving
And sharing all you can
Getting up after every fall
And shouting ,”Yes, I can”.

Don’t shrink this wonderful gift
Of experience under the sheet
Of lame excuses of judgement.
Numb my ears became
After listening to that
Divine rhythm!
In the end the voice is silent
Numbing million of hearts
And leaving this mortal Earth
With immortal melodious fragrance.

My college days would never have been so beautiful without those tracks of Linkin Park sung mellifluously by Chester Bennigton. A heartfelt Gratitude to the singer, your songs will always stay alive in the hearts of millions. May your soul rest in peace! This is the hardest good bye!

Swati Sarangi


17 Jul 2017

#281 Agnishatdal Annual Digest 2017 : Agnidal 1

10 Jul 2017

#280 WOW Post-6

9 Jul 2017

#279 Monsoon Reflections

Monsoon reflections

Once during a rainy day, I was sitting alone near the window of my room at hostel accompanied by a hot cup of coffee. The power outage made me focus more on the sounds of falling drops of rain. It was getting darker with the vast stretch of dark clouds in the sky. The sight of the spread of the greenery all around was too mesmerizing to behold. I heard the noise of few kids who came running out of their homes to dance gleefully in the rain. I could not count the sudden increase in the number of paper boats that came floating near to a bench that stood at the end of the park which I watched through my window.

All these scenes prompted me to recall similar moments of my life. The memories of my glorious childhood days came flooding by. I forgot the staunch loneliness that I was experiencing for a moment and started to get indulged in some of the philosophical discussions taking place inside my mind. After monitoring the series of my thoughts that often pushed me to quit so as to avoid the prevalent monotony of my life, the first question that I put to myself was, “why not quitting?” With this question, came the strongest reasons of not quitting as I started to ponder about the purpose of the initiation of the journey that I’ve decided to make.

 No matter how difficult or monotonous the present situations appeared to me, they would certainly be better than some of the adversities that I may encounter in near future. It has been 6 years now that I left my home for starting an educational journey at hostel. In the span of 6 years, I got a chance to stay at different places of India with different people from different cultural or economical background. Before embracing the life at hostel, I used to take a lot of stresses of exams in my school days in spite of being under the utmost care and support of my family. Never even had I imagined that the level of difficulties that I was going to encounter in near future was million times harder than those. Had I got aware of my future challenges, I would have let go those periods of stresses with ease. I learnt that the exams of life were not just confined to paper and pens but some of the challenging situations that demanded every ounce of my potential to be used to get through that. The role that my family played in uplifting me during the phases of my hopelessness was now transferred to me. Yes, I’m growing matured with every difficult situation I came across.    

          Amidst all those thoughts of self analysis, I almost forgot that the drops of rain were starting to wet my belongings which were arranged in a shelf kept closer to the window. Then, I had to rush to the place where the shelf was kept to transfer all those things to another place.

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Swati Sarangi



25 Jun 2017

#278 Result of Contest at Mirakee

18 Jun 2017

#277 Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all fatherly figures of my life.

I’m running short of words to express my gratitude for having received a lot of care and support from you. I have no idea if I’m done my part as a daughter well but I’m always amazed at the way of yours in meeting every responsibilities of your life so well.  I promise to make you proud.

May you be blessed with wonderful days with infinite happiness and good health in days to come.

P.S: Coincidentally the number of the post is the number of the house I lived in and so many memorable events cherishing each of them even today!

16 Jun 2017

#276 Gambling with EE

Welcome to the word of Electrical Engineering.
I've opened a new blog in wordpress having domain name- Gambling with EE : Gambling with EE at wordpress 
This is an introductory post. A little about myself: I'm Swati Sarangi and have been graduated in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious institute of Odisha, Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang, situated in the industrial region of state and the bank of magnificent river, Brahmani.
This blog has been designed to share materials and strategies with aspirants preparing for various competitive exams; technical and non-technical.

Taking up Electrical Engineering and finding a way out through it is no less than playing a gamble. It gets addictive with time, trust me! No matter how much you try to go away from it, it keeps pulling you towards it provided you've spent a considerable time with it in your undergraduate level.
And, now guessing the title of the blog will never be tough for the readers!

Signing off for now

Swati Sarangi
An Electrical Engineering Graduate (2011-2015)

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14 Jun 2017

#275 Result of Giveaway contest

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12 Jun 2017

#273 WOW POST-5

10 Jun 2017

#272 My Happy Moments

My Happy Moments

Happiness is a relative concept in a sense that the association of this unique order of alphabets to its meaning changes from person to person. It is also influenced by various factors; both internal and external. One important thing that I observed after having travelled through various frames of space and time that the quotient of happiness is situation-oriented. For example, during my childhood and days at school, my happiness was only related to things of academics like good grades, appreciation from my teachers, books, copies, pens, colours and other products of stationary. As I grew older, I found the centroid of my happiness getting shifted to inner satisfaction rather than materialistic possessions. Attachment to materialistic stuffs may not guarantee happiness in a long term.

Reflecting on my happy-moments, here I make a brief list,
I’m happy when I’m with my family. It’s the biggest reason behind my happiness. It stimulates the flow of hormones in my body which are responsible for creating an aura of happiness in my mind.  

·        I’m happy when I’m able to accomplish my to-do list that I always make during the beginning of my day. The sense of satisfaction that comes to me when I strike off the tasks that I’ve completed is simply inexplicable.

·        I’m happy when I keep up my profile of a student alive. The learning experience is not only confined to classroom or lecture halls but also to a live class called LIFE.  Oh! Yes, I’m a student of life and consistently want to learn from every experience of it.

·        I’m happy when I get to do what I enjoy the most. I enjoy getting engrossed in my hobbies in my spare time which includes reading, writing, singing, painting, teaching, cooking, crafts etc.

·        I’m happy when I’m able to help anyone in any possible way. What can bring more satisfaction than using my energy and resources in life of others or aiding to someone in need. The help does not have to be in physical form always. It can be emotional, mental, psychological, moral etc.

·        I’m happy when I’m able to realise the blessings of my life because of family and friends I possess, then I start to feel the flow of abundance in my life.

·         I’m happy when I get the company of intellectual people from whom I can learn a lot to improve myself.

·        I’m happy when like-minded people are around me. It’s when I feel myself being accepted the most and the process of sharing my emotions and feelings becomes very very easy.

·        I’m happy when my thoughts are synchronised and my mind is at peace. As a result of this, I’m able to express myself in a better way.

·        I’m happy when my talent is genuinely appreciated and encouraged.

·        I’m happy when I’m able to reciprocate the warmth of various relationships that I’ve blessed to experience.

Happiness is an eternal bliss that each of us has right to. Being happy is always a choice that life offers us. Our happiness is often snatched away when we start to associate it with something which is ephemeral.  Trying to be the version of myself that I always want to be is what makes me happy. The ultimate happiness will come to me when I’m able to accomplish the reason behind my existence. I’m on that process of discovering that reason! 

Concluding this post with the following quote,“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness”,Marcus Aurelius

Swati Sarangi

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6 Jun 2017

#271 Tribal Art

5 Jun 2017

#270 WOW Post-4

3 Jun 2017

#269 In the end

In the end

I always wonder what matters the most in the end ? Here I’m referring the end to the completion of a task on to-do list that requires the execution of a well devised plan on a long term.

This topic prompts me to scroll down my memory lane. During my school days at KV, I had a dream to see my name painted over the board indicating the names of toppers of class X and XII which was nailed to the wall adjacent to Teacher’s staff room. Along with it, I also cherished a dream of scoring highest marks in Hindi in my school to  accomplish what was never done in the history of my school; a student from non-Hindi speaking state scoring the highest marks in Hindi and also to prove the naysayers that with dedication and hard work, any dream can be achieved.

So, I took up the battle to attain the goal that I had set for me.  English was the subject I had always penchant for and reading anything in English never bored me. I wanted to develop similar interest for Hindi. I knew that to be a good writer in any language, one has to be a voracious reader. So, I started reading as much as I can in Hindi. There were spiritual magazines being subscribed by my father which contained interesting stories with messages at the end.  Reading it not only developed a great vocabulary but also inculcated strong values at the tender stage of adolescence.

Language Hindi, not being very scientific nature, has associated two genders to almost every word. There’s no special category for non-living things as they too are associated with either masculine or feminine gender. This was the major difficulty that I faced in associating the gender with every word, especially with inanimate things. To remove this, I started listening to people primarily belonging to Hindi speaking state, with utmost care which later got converted into an intuitive feeling.

Listening and reading were like the external stimuli for my goal but the actual workout was to practice. I devised a plan to write one essay or paragraph in Hindi every morning and got it evaluated by my sister, whose write up in Hindi always inspired me. I carried out this plan for 2 years and surprisingly it was something that pushed me out of my bed as early as 5a.m in the morning. I practised a lot of mock test under timed environment to build up my confidence. Every time I fell down, I picked myself up, dusted myself off to make me prepared for the decisive day. I did not want to run away from the stage before the final show!

The board exam of 10th got over and I was confident about my efforts. The result came in my favour by God’s grace and a score of 95 out of 100 in Hindi was like a treat to my eyes. It gave me a sense of achievement- done and dusted.   

From this experience, I got important lessons for good,

·        What matters in the end is the satisfaction of accomplishing the task you’ve always thought of more than the result itself. The result always gets reciprocated by the efforts carried out consistently till the attainment of goal.

·        Knowledge is one of the most unbiased entities in the universe. Anybody irrespective of gender, age, religion, caste , creed can attain it.

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Swati Sarangi


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#268 Tribal Art



The Conclusion

22 May 2017

#267 Jyeshtha Issue of Agnishatdal

Critic of Troy David Loy

Critic from Troy David Loy

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19 May 2017

#265 The defeated devil which once tried to master me

The defeated devil which once tried to master me
wow prompt
“Hahaha, see how you’ve come under my grip so easily”, laughed the devil vehemently creating a lasting impact.

“YOU CAN NEVER BEAT ME”, shouted I at the top of my voice as a reply to the devil.

“When I have been victorious in many such battles, winning the battle against you won’t be that tough for me, do you understand it very well, girl?”, asked the devil very confidently.

I replied him at an even more confident tone as, “I am bigger than you and my existence definitely has a greater purpose, I believe it strongly.”
  The above has been a figment of the conversation between me and the devil sitting inside my mind. Of course, the devil has no physical existence. It has no resemblance with anyone else in real life and I can never blame my surrounding or people for anything. The devil is the result of some distorted thoughts which might have born unknowingly out of failures, insecurities or unpleasant experiences of my life. These conversations used to get so intense at times that I feel my condition to be no different from a wanderer searching for his destination.

I had to make a move as I could not tolerate the devil winning the battle against me. I soon realised the reason behind my mood swing was only the non-refinement of my though processes. Now the pertinent question arises, how I controlled myriads of thoughts that kept affecting the course of my actions.

I could do this through a series of actions listed below-  
1.     I had to select something, be it a goal or an emotion from past or any fear that would push me to get out of my bed early in the morning as per my time table.
2.     I chalked out a plan for my long term goal so that I am not deviated from my goal.
3.     I started noting down the way I spend each hour of my day.
4.     I started doing physical exercises at least for 30 minutes in a day.
5.     I kept some time for my hobbies apart from professional work that I’m engaged in.
6.     I focussed on completing a task at a time before moving on to the next.
7.     I meditated on how I want to be and how my future should be and chanted shlokas and mantras for peace of mind.
8.     I limited my time on social media.

What acted like a challenge for me yesterday, is no longer a challenge to me for today. Everything that I have thought to achieve is completely achievable- a thought that came after carrying out the above activities seriously.

I learnt that it is the action that brings utmost satisfaction in life. After all, whatever we’ve wished to achieve in our lives is always out of our comfort zone as very aptly quoted by Joseph Campbell, “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”  

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Swati Sarangi

18 May 2017

#264 Book Review

Beyond 24

Author: Prakash Hegade

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Smashword

Pages: 42( E-book)

Star: 4.8/5 (self)

Review: Surprisingly, the story starts with my birthday introducing the lead character Keerthi about to face an interview. She gets rejected in the interview and surprisingly next day , she meets one of the members of the interview panel who is supposed to have the same name as her. The main player of the story is the destiny which keeps adding an extra our each day for them to spend time. A  bonding starts to exist between them which later turns into a lifelong partnership. Beyond 24, adds another member (to their family) to be recognised by them in future.

My experience: From the title of the book, I was anticipating it to be something related to experiences of life beyond the age of 24 years but soon all my anticipations turned out to be incorrect. I’m fascinated by the lines written under dedication. Research is among the mind boggling tasks and requires a lot of focus and dedication to accomplish. It was great to find how writer chosen writing his passion out as a medium of stress buster. A great storyline making use of the concept of time so beautifully and keeps the interest of readers alive through out.

Swati Sarangi