14 Aug 2016

#144 It's okay

It’s okay

It’s okay to feel low
When the pace of life seems too slow
It’s okay to be sad
When your days are going bad
It’s okay to cry
When the situations try to petrify
It’s okay to tremble
When your feet fall on hard pebbles
It’s okay to break down
When ordeals knock you down
It’s okay to shatter
In a discovery of yourself better

But it’s not okay to give up
Because It’s only you who
Has to trust every bit of yourself up
Pick yourself up from detritus
Lift yourself up to a new level
Place yourself to a new height
Convince your mind every time
That the glorious sun of your life
Has not descended yet
Still a new phase has to embark
To embrace every bit of you
To remind you that the journey
To a Magnificent world is
Not over.

Sweta Sarangi

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