26 Nov 2015

#115 Choices


Theme: This poem is about the choices we make in life. There are certain choices or decisions which make or break our lives. Many times we are unaware about the consequences of our choices but at the end everything becomes clear. The time’s strong blow dispels all mist which keeps on blurring our vision for long. Of course, it’s a long term process and demands wisdom to look beyond the situations.  Strangely, at the end, the challenging journey leading to success seems more pleasant the success itself.

The route taken from      
The myriads of intertwined
The choices in front of my eyes
Urging me to think twice.

The path to be discovered
Leading to results unknown
But to walk is my pledge
No matter- over the ground or terrain

What losses or sacrifices
When time is the ultimate ruler
Rising up after every fall
Is the demand of this battle.

The transient state of instability
Unsettled mind in search of clarity
When the present- between win or loss
It’s a stage to finally cross.

After every transient
Comes a phase of steady state
It can be only achieved
By bringing together east and west.

The success from the close view
Is not the same from distant
The journey is sometimes pleasant
Than the stable end.

Swati Sarangi